Incredible Single Father Adopted Five Children With Disabilities

A father in the UK recently adopted a baby boy with special needs, bringing the grand total of children with disabilities he has adopted to five.

Being a parent is a challenge for anyone who chooses to go on that journey. Especially the first time around. Despite all the advice you seek out and books you might read, the only way to really learn is by doing. While we are obviously not trying to lessen how difficult being a parent is, being a parent to a child with special needs can be even harder.

However, giving a child with a disability a happy life is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Ben Carpenter knows that extremely well. The UK-based father recently adopted one-year-old Noah, reports The Mirror. Noah has Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a rare condition that throws up physical, medical, and cognitive challenges.

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via Caters News Agency

Noah won't be growing up alone with his new dad, though. The infant is the fifth child with special needs Ben has adopted in the past nine years. Jack, Ruby, Lily, and Joseph, aged between three and ten, all have special needs and all live under Ben's roof. Ben explains that he always wanted children, but due to being single, he didn't think the adoption services would take him seriously.

However, before he adopted any children, Ben worked with disabled adults and children. That made him the perfect candidate for some of these kids looking for a home, and the adoption services realized that. He has deservedly been named "adopter extraordinaire" by the British Citizenship awards. Life must be pretty hectic in the Carpenter household, however, Ben hasn't closed his door to more children in need.

"If in the future a child really needed me and my help, I’m sure I would end up adopting them," Ben admitted. He also added that even if he doesn't adopt any more children, he will definitely continue to foster kids in need. A pretty incredible story and a truly remarkable man. Not only will his children now have a happy life with a dad who loves them, but they will grow up in a house alongside other children with special needs.


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