Illinois Single Mom Awarded $101 Million After Her Son Was Born With Brain Damage

While it's important to listen to your doctor, it's just as important that they listen to you. They may have a ton of medical knowledge and know-how at their disposal, but you're the one who knows your body best. If any medical professional fails to listen to you and that ends badly, that opens them up to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

That's what happened to one mom in Cook County, Illinois- and she won her case this past Tuesday. A single mom won $101 million USD in a lawsuit against West Suburban Medical Center of Oak Park, Illinois. The lawsuit came about after her son was born with brain damage despite her insistence that something was wrong with her then-unborn baby boy.

"All because of what he went through and not getting help when he needed it," mom Tequila Snow said in a recent interview.

Back on December 16th, 2014, Snow frantically arrived at West Suburban Medical Center because she hadn't felt her baby move inside her. This was confirmed during an ultrasound, but it wasn't reported to another medical professional. Instead, there was a five-hour delay between the ultrasound and a doctor being told about its results.

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By that point, it was too late, According to Snow's attorney Sarah King, son Gerald "was born he was limp, pale, not breathing. They had to resuscitate him". He was also found to have permanent brain damage due to medical personnel ignoring Snow's cry for help. Her son Gerald- who's now five years old- has been cared for by Misericordia for the past year. This is because his mother is no longer able to not work in order to give him the proper care he needs.

After a month-long trial, a jury ruled in Snow's favour. The single mom has been awarded a record-breaking $101 million USD. This will certainly help in having Gerald being cared for at home for the rest of his life. The verdict has Snow eternally grateful that justice has been served for both her and her young son.

"We have waited a long time for this day. Even though Gerald can't talk in the same way as us, I wanted his voice to be heard," Snow said.

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