Sister Wives: Everything Fans Need To Know About Kody

Kody Brown is the star of the reality television show Sister Wives. He is also the star to his four adoring wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. That's right, Kody Brown is the husband to all four women. While he is only legally married to one wife, he considers himself bound in the eyes of God to all of his wives for all of eternity. The Browns have an unconventional arrangement that definitely would not work for most families, but it works for them.

Since 2010, we have watched the Browns grow in numbers, work through relationship issues between both man (and wife and between sister wives), and take on life's challenges. They have moved, face illnesses, stared down discrimination, worked about a dozen different jobs and supported each other through scandals. This family always shows us the real side of their family. Life for them is not always roses and sunshine, but they forever seem to weather the storms and come out stronger than before.

Kody must be doing something right, because, after all of this time, the Browns are still standing. Here are 21 things that most viewers of the show, even superfans, do not know about patriarch Kody Brown.

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21 He Almost Married A Teen Bride

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When Cody and Meri were in their early 20's, they courted a young woman who they met through their church. Meri might have been even more excited at the prospect of the couple acquiring another wife than her husband. According to Radar Online, Meri was thrilled at the idea of a sister wife very early on and developed a deep friendship with the possible wife in question. The addition of a second wife back then never came to be because the prospective wife was only in her teen years and all three of them were too young for such a significant step in life.

20 Mr. Brown Was Raised In Monogamy!


When Kody was younger, his parents grappled with the idea of monogamy versus plural marriage. For the most part, Kody grew up with his monogamous Mormon parents, but he chose to live a different life by the time he was 21, preferring to have a plural family. Interestingly, his father also decided to adopt a plural marriage lifestyle later on in life. He ended up marrying one of Kody's wives' mothers and remained committed to her until his last breath. So Kody was not raised in a Polygamist environment, but later chose it, and his children have been raised in plural marriage, but have decided against it for themselves. Interesting.

19 He Stole His Brother-In-Law's Wife

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This one is complicated, but we will try to explain: Many moons ago, Kody was hitched to only his first wife, Meri. Meri's current sister wife number two, Janelle, was married to Meri's brother. This meant that Janelle was Meri's sister-in-law for some time. During this time, Janelle and Kody developed feelings for each other and eventually, Janelle divorced Meri's brother and became involved with Kody. This means that Kody snagged his brother-in-law's wife for himself. We would imagine that large family gatherings have to be a bit awkward for everyone even after all of this time.

18 Kody Has Four Wives, But He Is A One Woman Man

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We know that Kody and four wives, all of whom he has children with, so we know that he is man and wife in the truest form with all of them. There are murmurings that Kody only has platonic relationships with three of the four mothers to his children. Only one woman connects with Kody on a whole other level, and that is Robyn. Not only is Robyn his main lady behind closed doors, but she is also now his legal wife. How the other three wives aren't surging with jealousy over the fourth wife's elevated status, we will never know.

17 No Longer Welcomed In The Church

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Kody and his wives were all devoutly religious and dedicated to their church and their God, from childhood. While not all were raised in plural families, they were all raised with basic Mormon principles. It was heartbreaking to the Browns to hear that they had been suddenly booted from their church. Meri's catfishing ordeal and Mariah's decision to come forward with her lifestyle orientation helped the church arrive at their decision to break away from the Browns. The family remains dedicated to their beliefs but now worships in the comfort of their own home.

16 He Is A Bit Of A Tantrum Thrower

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Some sources claim that Kody has a bit of a temper on him. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Kody must feel like the king of his castle at all times. This is difficult because he happens to be married to four of the most opinionated women ever to be featured on reality television.

If you watch their adult discussions, you can see Kody gets pretty worked up and flustered when things don't go his way. Then again, it was to be exhausting for him to have such drawn-out conversations with all of his wives anytime a decision has to be made. Perhaps he should have thought about that before taking on four independent thinkers as spouses.

15 He Nearly Married Wife Robyn's Niece

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Six years after Kody Brown married Robyn Jessep, making her wife number four, he almost took another Jessop as a wife. In 2016, rumors started swirling that Kody was aiming to marry Robyn's niece, Mindy. Mindy is Robyn's biological sister's daughter and has been a part of the Brown clan since Robyn's son Solomon was one. Mindy is so close to the family that she even served as bridesmaid to a couple of the Brown daughters. Kody thought that since Mindy was already such an intimate part of the family, then maybe he should go ahead and make things official. While Mindy is open to the idea of plural marriage, the Brown family wasn't a fit for her.

14 Kody And Janelle's Other Bond

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Kody and Janelle have a long-standing marital bond, even though Janelle was once married to Meri's brother. Husband and wife relationship aside; they are also step-siblings. The couple often downplays this little detail, but facts are facts, and the facts prove that the two did become step-siblings after they were already spiritually wed. Kody's father married Janelle's mother, making for a strange situation. Mr. and Mrs. Brown Sr. were hitched until his passing in 2013. Now, some might argue that because Janelle and her mother were not first wives nor ever legally married to the Brown men they can not be considered step-siblings. We think it's close enough here to call a spade a spade.

13 He Almost Didn't Land Christine

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Kody's third wife Christine is definitely in love with her man these days, but that love almost didn't take flight because a young Christine had one major hang-up about Kody. She thought that he was too short for her! Christine! Of all the many faults that you might find in this man, and heaven knows there are plenty possible, we never dreamed his stature would be one of them. Thankfully for the Brown family, Christine overcame her short-man syndrome issue and wed Kody in a spiritual ceremony. Can you imagine the Brown Clan without sharp-tongued, fun-loving Christine? We can't either.

12 All In The Family

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Robyn Jessop, Kody's fourth wife, was once married to David Preston Jessop. That union ended because Mr. Jessop wasn't exactly a stand-up guy. Even though his ship with Robyn has long sailed away, he still has a connection with his ex-wife's new man. While they weren't close pals, he and Kody are third cousins. Robyn's ex-husband is also third wife Christine's first cousin and is related to first wife Meri through one of her dad's wives. In this culture, family trees can become complicated and intertwined. In the end, it appears that Robyn ended up exactly where she should have been all along. She fits into this family like a glove.

11 He Wants His Wives All Living Under One Roof

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When the Browns loved in Lehi, Utah, they all resided under one roof. At the time, Kody was married to Meri, Janelle, and Christine, and they had 13th children under their roof. When Robyn and her kids came into the mix, another property was needed. This housing arrangement came to a halt when the family up and moved to Las Vegas. There, each wife had a different home, but they were essentially neighbors living on a cul-de-sac. Kody has hinted that when they build in Arizona, he would prefer them all under the same roof, Judging from his wives' thoughts on this matter, Kody's dream will probably never become a reality.

10 He Considered Running For Office In Utah

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Kody strongly disagrees with the laws in Utah regarding marriage and Polygamy. He and his family had fought to make their lifestyle accepted, but there is still much work to be done in this arena. Sometimes if you want to see change, then you have to make the change yourself. Kody might try and do just that. He has expressed a desire to return to Utah and run for office so that someday the laws surrounding plural marriage might shift. Considering the family looks very Arizona bound, we doubt that dream will become a reality, but with Kody Brown, you never know!

9 He Faced Financial Downfall

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These days Kody Brown and his family seem to be pretty financially sound, and that's a good thing considering they have so many family members to care for! They find themselves in a unique position where they are paying for weddings while still having toddlers in tow. While there don't seem to be any current money woes, (the family recently purchased a pricey chunk of land in quaint Flagstaff, Arizona, back in the day Kody Brown was driving the struggle bus. In 2005, the Browns could barely pay their bills, were surrounded by piles of debt, and only had a couple of dollars to their name!

8 Before Television, He Worked In Ad Sales

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According to Radar Online, Kody worked in sales before becoming one of the most recognizable faces in reality television. Before TLC got their hands on Kody and the gang, he managed to rake in about four thousand dollars a month, and he took care of three wives and 12 children on that! Granted, back then two of his three wives also worked outside of the home to help support their growing family. These days, Kody and company make almost $400,000 a year just from their filming commitments. We can certainly see Kody working in sales again if this reality television stint ever goes south.

7 He Lost His Brother In An Accident

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Family is incredibly important to Kody and the rest of the Browns, so when the reality television star lost his beloved brother suddenly and unexpectedly, the impact was extreme. Kody's younger brother Curtis passed away in 2013 after being involved in a motorcycle accident. The 34-year-old sibling to Kody left behind his wife as well as his three children, not to mention droves of saddened extended family. Curtis occasionally appeared on episodes of Kody's hit television show, Sister Wives, and his loss was certainly felt throughout the entire family as well as the TLC crew. Curtis is certainly missed and will never be forgotten.

6 Divorced Dad

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Until recently, Kody was only legally married to first wife, Meri. His second, third, and fourth wives claim to have a spiritual union with Kody, but they all perceive each marriage as essential and binding as the others. They believe that they will all be together not only in this lifetime but in subsequent ones as well.

A few years back, Kody divorced his first wife, Meri, at her urging, so that he could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn. The reason for this? Robyn has children from her first marriage, and if anything were to happen to her, they could be shipped off to another family instead of staying with the Browns. Kody being their legal father ensures that they will remain with the family regardless of what happens to Robyn in the future.

5 His Second Wife Janelle Made Him A Father

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It is pretty well known that Kody's wife Meri has struggled with her fertility over the years. She has one child by Kody, their daughter Mariah, and for Meri, her first child ended up being her last. Even though Meri was Kody's first wife, she wasn't the one to make him a daddy for the first time. Kody's second wife Janelle was the first wife to become pregnant and start the onslaught of kiddos that would come into the family over the next couple of decades. Janelle and Kody's son Logan was born in 1994. Logan turned out to be a great big brother to all of those little Brown babies that followed.

4 Baby Brown #13 Was Born On The 13th!

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Who says 13 is an unlucky number? For Kody and Christine Brown it seems to be very lucky indeed. Their last child together, Truley Grace, was born on the 13th of April in 2010. Her arrival marked the 13th Brown baby to be born into the family. Since Truley's birth, two more biological children have joined the family (courtesy of wife number four Robyn), as well as three step-children. Robyn's kids were also all legally adopted by Kody after he formally and legally married Robyn. From the looks of things, it appears that the Brown baby making machines have been permanently shut down.

3 He Is A Published Author

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Kody Brown penned the book Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, along with his four wives in 2012. The book primarily chronicled the Brown family's lives, their choices and their experiences living as a plural family in a mostly conservative and conventional society. This book marked the first experience in written literature for the gang, but we hope that it won't be their last. We would love to read more about the juicy details regarding the inner working of this exciting and non-conventional family of reality TV. Say what you want about the Browns, but they are never dull!

2 Small Abode To Mega Mansion

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Now that Kody rakes in the big bucks, he can afford to shell out the dough and put his family anywhere he wants to. These days, it looks like the Browns will be calling beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona home. They recently purchased a chunk of majestic property there for nearly a million dollars and have plans to build several homes atop it. The family wasn't always so loaded, however, and their former lifestyle reflected that. Kody, Meri, and Janelle all lived in a small mobile home in Wyoming when they were first married. Those are some close quarters for a husband and his TWO young brides.

1 He Is A Grandpa

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His youngest daughter is barely toddling around, and the vast majority of her siblings are much older than her, but little Ari will still have a playmate around. This is because Kody and Janelle's daughter Maddie is a mother herself! Maddie married Caleb Brush, and the two are proud parents to little Axel. Axel is only a few years younger than his "Auntie Ari," so you know the family will be close growing up. Kody seems content to put the daddy days behind him, but he will never have empty arms. All of those kids will keep growing up, marrying and giving him plenty of grandkids we suspect.

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