These Sisters Gave Birth To Baby Girls On The Same Day, In The Same Hospital, & With The Same Midwife

Talk about a coincidence! We bet these sisters had no idea they’d give birth to their daughters at the same time, in the same hospital, and with the same midwife.

34-year old Sophie Thomson found out she was six weeks pregnant only a few days before her younger sister 28-year old Phoebe Rose called her to tell her the exact thing, Yahoo News reports. The set of sisters has been sharing many different pregnancy milestones since then, including going into labour on the same day.

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Younger sister Phoebe delivered her daughter Nellie first. Sophie actually came to Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham to meet her new niece when she went into labour. She then delivered her own daughter, whom she named Nancie, only six hours after her sister had given birth.

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"I visited Phoebe in the hospital, and I was literally doubled over with contractions by the side of her bed, so I knew it was time to go!” Sophie explained to the media of the ordeal. "The midwife came over and said she'd just delivered my sister's baby, so hoped she could help deliver mine as well, and of course I said yes!"

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The sisters sound grateful for the way their deliveries turned out, despite the strange coincidences. "When we found out we were pregnant at the same time, we never dreamt of giving birth on the same day, but I'm so glad it all happened the way it did,” Phoebe said.

Phoebe revealed the sisters have gone through many things together and it seemed fitting they’d experience pregnancy at the same time, too. "As soon as the little positive lines came up on the screen, I knew I had to phone Sophie back immediately,” Phoebe explains. "I was in such a state of shock at my own news, I could barely process it when Sophie told me she was pregnant too!”

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It was difficult to contain their excitement when they found out they were going to be pregnant together. “When Phoebe said she'd not been feeling well, I immediately suggested she take a test, but I was totally surprised when she rang back to say she was pregnant,” Sophie added. "I had been trying to keep it quiet until I hit the 12 week mark, but when Phoebe rang me with her news, I couldn't hold the secret in any longer!”

If one thing is for sure, it’s that these moms will be telling this story for years to come. After all, not everyone’s birth plan goes like this.

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