Sisters-In-Law Kendra & Lauren Duggar Had A Double Gender Reveal Online

Gender reveals are very on trend. Rewind just a few years ago and they were seldom heard of, but these days they're everywhere.

There are a ton of different ways couples tell their friends and family if they're having a boy or a girl, from colour-changing dragon eggs to a simple cake. Kendra and Lauren Duggar decided to tell their followers on June 25 by each uploading a video to Instagram.


Kendra, 20, is the wife of Joe Duggar, while Lauren, also 20, is the wife of Josiah. The TLC stars decided to create a video to thank Counting On fans for their support, according to Hollywood Life.

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Joe and Kendra excitedly told their fans how thrilled they are to be expecting a baby girl. The pair are already parents to one-year-old Garrett David. Joe's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle told fans on the family Facebook page that the couple opted for a smash cake. They let son Garrett do the honours, revealing the pink icing inside.

Joe readily admitted that he thought they were in for another boy, as the pregnancy seemed very similar. He went on to say that they're thrilled to be welcoming another child, as both himself and his wife are from large families. Kendra has been talking to her sister-in-law Jessa Duggar about the parenting two children - and the excitement of buying pink bows!

Josiah and Lauren went down a teaser route with their video, which started with a collage of photographs. A black and white picture of Lauren holding a "It's a..." sign switches to a snap of the couple wearing pink with a sign that reads, "It's a girl."

It hasn't been an easy road for them, as their previous pregnancy resulted in miscarriage last year. When it came to the gender reveal, they gave each family member a balloon filled with white, pink or blue confetti. Of course, it was pink.

Both Josiah and Lauren are taking extra care with this pregnancy, although they admit that it has had its own challenges so far. Instead of going all out and painting the nursery in different shades of pink, they've been practical and gone for gender-neutral tones. This way, muses Lauren, if they have a boy in the future, they'll be able to use it again.

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