Sisters Are Making And Selling Bracelets To Help Parents Adopt A Baby

These four sisters are making and selling bracelets lemonade stand style to help their parents adopt a baby. The girls really want another sibling, and they’re aware that their parents have been thinking about adopting a child. Sidney Tate and her husband, Leighton, could never have imagined that so many people would support this endeavour.

The girls have overheard their parents talking about adoption. The couple has told Good Morning America that they’ve been praying for a successful adoption for a year, and the girls are aware of it. Full of excitement, the four wanted their parents to adopt a new child as soon as possible. Leighton, in an attempt to appease their daughters’ eagerness, made them a deal: the initial payment for adoption is $4,000, and they can help get that money together.

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Susanna, Mary Anson, Eleanor, and Evelyn began to work on that agreement. They started their business of making and selling accessories and gave it the adorable name, “Bracelets for a Baby.” Initially, the girls were selling their bracelets and anklets at church. The project was such a success that the four then moved on to selling the accessories in front of a salon. Each bracelet is $4, an anklet is $3, and those made with beads are $8. They even give customers the option to choose up to three different colours.

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As the couple progressed in the adoption process, the girls’ aunts and their grandma jumped in the bracelet business. They began to assist in the production of the products, so the girls can sell more. Currently, the four have earned $1,200 selling their accessories, and their parents couldn’t be more amazed or prouder of them.

It’s hard not to buy the product of four girls with such big hearts. They want to welcome a new member into their family for them to love and adore, so they worked hard to make that a reality.Mary Anson even told Good Morning America that she wants their new sibling to know that they had a hand in the adoption process as well—showing just how much he or she is welcome in the new family.

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