These Sisters Welcomed Babies On The Same Day & At The Same Hospital

Two sisters have their daughters on the same day!

Simone and Shari Cumberbatch are best friends and sisters. They became pregnant around the same time. And they announced to each other their pregnancies. They were both very excited because they knew that they would be able to have children who were close in age, but then they were also going to be able to go through pregnancy together. It is always nice to have support through pregnancy, and parenthood. The whole Cumberbatch family was looking forward to the babies.

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Elmo Cumberbatch, the sister's father, was ecstatic to be a grandfather to two new sweet babies. When both of his daughters announced their pregnancies and they said that they were both due in July he kept wondering if they would be born the same day. He kept on thinking, "what-if" and he spent their entire pregnancies imagining what it would be like if the babies were born on the same day. He never thought that it would actually happen!

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Both of the sister's due dates were not until mid-July. Due to some pregnancy complications, Simone had to plan a c-section. She planned her c-section to happen July 3. When Shari knew that her sister was going to give birth on July 3 she figured that there was no way they would have kids on the same day, because she wasn't due for at least a week. Simone went into her C-section that morning to give birth to her daughter and then surprisingly Shari went into labor that same day. The women delivered at the same hospital and the babies were delivered by the same doctor.

The sisters both had daughters and they named them Hailey and Liberty. The girls were only born 4 hours apart. Both of the sisters are very excited for their daughters to have the same birthday because they wanted to raise their together and now they are basically twins. The family was so excited to get two perfect little healthy baby girls on the same day. Their Fourth of July celebrations were certainly a lot more interesting this year and will continue to be very exciting with these two beauties.

Congratulations to the Cumberbatch sisters on the arrival of their two sweet daughters. We hope recovery goes smoothly and that your babies grow healthy and strong.

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