Our Top Pics: Trusted Sites For New Moms To Reference

As a new mom, there's so much information to soak up and questions and concerns seem to arise daily. The worst--and most tempting--thing a mom can do is turn to Dr. Google. How many times has a new mother found herself googling, "How to get your baby to sleep," or "Why does my baby nurse constantly?".

There are two problems with relying on these kinds of searches. First of all, literally anyone can write and publish anything on the internet. Moms often find articles saying exactly the opposite of each other, and they don't know which to trust. The second issue with simply googling questions that arise is that people tend to unconsciously seek out the answers they wish were true, but may not be safe or good for the baby. In other words, a mom reading conflicting information may choose to follow the advice that is easier for her, but how does she know if that's really best for the baby?

New moms who want reliable information need to turn to reputable sites. Here are some recommended resources:

For health and safety: Healthy Children The American Academy of Pediatrics has research-based articles on everything a mom needs to know. It's organized by age group or one can use their search tool to find specific information. This resource will last parents well beyond the newborn stage as well.

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For breastfeeding: Kelly Mom This site has information about breastfeeding and more. It's written by a lactation consultant. It's extremely comprehensive, covering almost any question you might have on nursing, pumping, weaning, and beyond.

For feeding and nap routines: Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Everything you need to know about baby schedules, including important information like optimal waketimes and nap transitions.

For tummy time and milestone support: Can Do Kiddo Written by an occupational therapist, this site has great ideas that will help your baby's development!

For solid food: Wholesome Baby Food Everything you need to know about starting solids, whether you're doing traditional weaning or baby led weaning. Lots of homemade recipes!

There is so much information out there for new moms, and while it's great to have, knowing which sites to rely upon can help lower the stress of parenting over the first year!


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