The Six Different Types Of Friends Parents Should Have

With their kids off making new friends, mamas also have the chance to meet new people – but adults don't make friends as conveniently as kids do.

With that being said, it's still important to find fellow friends who are navigating the same parenting world as you. These are the six types of friends all parents should have!

The Border Collie

You will always meet that one mom or dad who never hesitates to plan summer pool parties and the playdates. Their amicable and enthusiastic nature attracts everyone towards them.

So, if you ever come across this type of parent, try to be good friends and appreciate them for the effort they put it. These people make the life of an introverted mother or father easier and give their kids more opportunities for fun playdates and outings.

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The Chill Out Parents

If you are an anxious parent, then the ‘Chill Parents' are the ones with whom you should spend a lot of your time.

With kids in life, you'll definitely encounter challenges. But these sots of cool-to-the-bone parents aren't shaken up by every little thing that does wrong or stressed them out. Their easy-going nature will remind you that every little thing shouldn’t ruin your day.

The Mentor

Everyone should have a friend with more parenting experience from whom they can seek advice and help from. This parent will be a great regulator of your life. But, don’t take him or her for granted. Also, don’t always bog them down with your concerns – give them a patient hearing when they need it.

Your kid’s teacher can also be a great, wise friend. With her years of experience, he or she can be your best friend, philosopher, and guide when it comes to dealing with your kiddo.

Someone Not Like You

To get all the flavours of life and to grow, we need to be friends with people who are different from us – for example, this person can be a non-parent, who reminds you that besides being a mother, you are a woman, too!

Playdates with a singer can help you calm down. Better still, if you draw your kids’ interest towards music, then an artsy parent can help your kid to explore projects, which you might not be comfortable with.

Your Neighbors

“We make our friends; we make our enemies, but God makes our next-door neighbour," said Gilbert K. Chesterton. A neighbour can support you during your freak out days, or sudden emergencies.

Even if you are not an outspoken person, just giving a smile on the walkways will not cost you anything. A friendly neighbour can be a real blessing! Furthermore, your kid might get a friend close to home.

The ‘Simply’ Friend

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⁣ Several years ago I came to a realization... I was a sahm and my babies were my whole world. We had a happy little life and routine filled with playgrounds and popsicles. My husband is the best and we have tons of fun together no matter what we’re doing. But one day ... I’m not really sure what even brought it on, it hit me ... I was lonely. I didn’t have any friends ... I mean I had fb friends sure, and some wave and small talk at Target kind of friends, but I didn’t have any call you up for a movie, shopping , or the beach kind of friends. There were never any girls nights or long conversations about life. It was in that moment I realized that although staying home with my babies was my dream, it had come at a price ... I’d lost myself and become pretty isolated. God always knows just what He’s doing and somehow He gave me the courage to step out and take a chance with a new job that would allow me to stay at home but also provide income we desperately needed. I had no idea what was coming my way, but He did. He knew He wasn’t just putting me in this opportunity to change our family for years to come, but He was also putting these girls in my life at just the right time. They are my cheerleaders, my go to’s for advice in all things, my prayer warriors, my shopping girls, my you are not wearing that peeps, my road trip buddies, my slap some sense into you tough love friends. They are my people and they’ve made life infinitely better! We dream together, work together, travel together, do life together. This picture may seem a little random, but it is the perfect illustration of our relationship #somanypersonalities 😂 If you’re lonely or dreaming of girls nights like I was, just know that no matter your age or where you are, there’s a group of girls out there that are the perfect fit for you. Be brave, do something different, and ask God to send you your people. They may not come in a package you’ve imagined, but He’s definitely in the answering prayers business. If we look like your kind of people, don’t be scared to reach out ... you can totally sit with us 😉⁣ ⁣

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“A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden," is a beautiful quote.

Never forget that friend of yours who was with you before you became a mother or father. Parenting is challenging, and it drains out of all your energy, but a friend can give the desired strength to carry on.

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