Six-Year-Old Sister Saves Her Baby Brother By Donating Her Bone Marrow

Sophia Ashby, a six-year-old girl from Leicestershire is being commended for her bravery in saving her brother, four-month-old Caleb Ashby. After undergoing surgery for a heart defect, Caleb was in dire need of a bone marrow transplant and his big sister Sophia didn't hesitate to step up to the plate.

Doctors say Caleb needed a bone marrow transplant post surgery to replace vital blood cells that are required to fight off infections. With Caleb's life being threatened by a mere cold, his parents knew Caleb's only chance at survival would be to find a bone marrow match and do a transplant on the infant as soon as possible.

Upon finding out that she was a 100% match to Caleb's bone marrow, Sophia was adamant on being her brother's donor. "If I give Caleb my bones he will live", she said convincing her parents to go through with the procedure. Caleb desperately needed Sophia's help in boosting his white blood cells and given the fact she was a perfect match, Sophia, even given her age, didn't see it as an option.

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Parents Kelsey Stynes, 28, and Lee Ashby, 31, were concerned about putting Sophia at risk in order to save her brother but Sophia wasn't going to let her baby brother die. Upon her parents consenting to the procedure, Sophia had bone marrow extracted from her hip. After waiting two weeks to find out if Caleb's body had accepted the bone marrow, the family was delighted to hear the good news. Now, over a month after the transplant, both Caleb and Sophia are doing very well.

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DailyMail reports that "[Sophia has] recovered from her op, but is attending the hospital school after being given special permission to keep a close eye on [Caleb] until he goes home in six to eight weeks". The proud sister has refused to leave Caleb's side since the transplant. The two now share a unique bond, even stronger than the typical sibling bond, that will last a lifetime. Both Sophia and Caleb's parents are beyond proud of their brave little girl for her selfless act that will allow her brother to have a fighting chance at life.

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