Keep Wearing Your Pre-Pregnancy Jeans With This Simple Hack

Skinny Jeans While Pregnant

You don’t have to give up your favorite skinnies when your pregnant tummy pops; all you need is something you probably have on you right now! This genius hack, courtesy of Phoebe Burgess, will help you to keep wearing your favorite jeans while baby is growing.

During the first half of a pregnancy, your stomach will likely expand but you might not have gained a ton of weight all over just yet. Who would want to buy a whole new wardrobe only to buy another once you reach the third trimester? Instead, pull out your long flowy tops and check around your wrists. You might just find what you need to keep your jeans on.

If not on your wrist, maybe buried in the bottom of your handbag you'll find an elastic hair tie. That's all you need. Simply thread the hair tie halfway through the buttonhole of your jeans. Next, pull the loop on the outside of your pants through the loop on the inside. The end you are holding will lengthen while a knot forms by the buttonhole. Secure it around the button. Presto! Your jeans are expanded for a growing belly. Throw a long and loose blouse on that will cover the top of the makeshift maternity pants and your look is flawless.

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Sometimes that perfect pair of jeans has just what you need to keep you feeling like yourself, especially when you’re dealing with nausea, back pain, disturbed sleep, and a host of other not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms. You bought those favorite pants because every time you put them on, they made you feel like a million bucks. Just when you could use their magic, you can’t close them. This hair tie hack can give you back that confidence boost exactly when you need it most.

The thing to love about this hack is its simplicity. Almost every woman can locate a hair tie somewhere within their belongings, or at least grab some at the nearest drugstore. The trick is super easy to do, and it doesn’t require any kind of damage to your jeans, like cutting, sewing, or even a safety pin. Your jeans will stay pristine, so you can rock those babies again once you’ve lost the baby weight!


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