Dallas Wings Basketball Star Skylar Diggins-Smith Played Entire Season While Secretly Pregnant

WNBA star Skylar Diggins-Smith of the Dallas Wings is speaking out saying the organization did not support her when she took two months off dealing with postpartum depression — revealing she played an entire season while pregnant.

In a series of tweets, the Wings' guard, revealed she was pregnant for the entire five-months of the 34-game WNBA season. She says she didn't tell anyone she was carrying a human while being a leading player in the league with an average of 17.9 points and 6.2 assists, according to Yahoo News. Now Diggins-Smith says she's been labeled a "quitter" after taking two months off while dealing with postpartum depression following the birth of her child in the spring. When she felt like she could return, she continued to practice with the Wings, expecting to get some playing time in, however that never came.

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Now, she claims she has not received support from her team. While she didn't elaborate on what that means, Yahoo Sports says half of her salary would be covered by the WNBA and her medical expenses should be taken care of as well. With that said, she's not the first player on the team who voiced her displeasure with the lack of support from the organization when it comes to dealing with mental health. In fact, Liz Cambage — one of the league's best centers — requested a trade for that very reason.

For Diggins-Smith, however, the situation seems to be less clear. The 29-year-old star played big minutes in the 2018 season. From a purely business perspective, as one of the better guards in the league, the Wings might not want to burn this bridge, but it looks like the damage is done. With that said, the team's general manager Bob Bibb told Dallas Morning News that the organization supports Diggins-Smith and she can return when she feels ready. Still, following these serious allegations, most experts don't see the guard playing for the Wings going forward.

Considering Diggins-Smith's stature in the league, it will be interesting to see how the league handles the criticism lobbed at her team. As the WNBA grows more and more in popularity, this could be an ugly PR hit.

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