9The Shushing Technique

This is a technique developed and practiced by Tracey Ruiz, The Sleep Doula. As parents, we have all perfected the art of “shushing” and, with this technique, you can use it as a tool to sleep train your baby. She doesn’t recommend it for babies less than

five months old.

With the “shushing” method, you put your baby to bed awake, and then stand or sit outside the room with the door open a few inches. (Another option is to lie beneath the crib.) “Shush” and talk to your baby for as long as they fuss. Do so at the same volume at which they are crying until they fall asleep. Repeat this process each time they wake through the night. It’s important that while your baby can hear you, they cannot see you. The idea being that your baby is reassured knowing you are there but isn’t relying on you to fall asleep--as in rocking, feeding, singing, etc.

As nights progress, you can move to intermittent shushing, where you shush and then leave for a few minutes. Eventually just a quick shush is all that’s recommended. Many have seen great improvement with this technique in just 2-3 nights.

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