One Of The Smallest Babies Ever To Survive Was Discharged From The Hospital

One of the smallest babies ever to survive was able to finally go home with his parents! What a great story for this "miracle baby!"

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Baby Connor was born at only 26-weeks. He was born at only 11 ounces! That is about the same weight as a adult human heart. Little baby was diagnosed with "chronic lung disease, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, neurodevelopmental disorder from a brain hemorrhage, feeding issues, plus, other medical conditions." He came out with all of the odds against him, but he was a fighter. Connor refused to give up and his parents never lost hope.

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Baby Connor worked hard to get off of several different respiratory machines, so that he could go home with his family someday. Connor finally got to a point where he was able to go home with his parents. At 8-months home he had progressed enough where he wouldn't have to stay in the hospital anymore. When he left the hospital Connor weighed around 11 lbs! He is not home with his wonderful parents who never gave up on him!

Women's Health

Connor's parents, Jaimie and John Florio, know that their son is going to need a little bit extra help for awhile since his lungs and body are not as strong as other kids his age. They started taking classes to better help them take care of their son and do all they can to fulfill his needs as he tries to develop. Jaimie and John wanted to learn everything they could about raising a child who is "medically complex."  Connor will have to continue doing occupation, physical and eventually speech therapy.

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Connor defeated all odds. The doctors didn't have high hopes for little Connor based on how early he was born, but his parents refused to give up on him. Jaimie and John knew that little Connor was going to fight through. They never gave up hope that one day he would be at home with them and living with them as a normal baby.  At this point they aren't sure what his future leads medically, but they are just grateful that he has a future! We are so grateful that little Connor was able to go home with his parents and we ask for updates and to continue seeing cute pictures of this perfect little boy!

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