Smoking Child Who Sparked Internet Outrage Is Actually A 36-Year-Old Dad

Footage of what appeared to be a young boy smoking at a soccer game recently sent the internet into a frenzy. However, all is not what it seems.

During the recent international break in the European soccer calendar, Turkish clubs Fenerbache and Bursaspor put on an exhibition match for a good cause. A friendly game between the two top division sides. All of the proceeds from the match went to various children's charities such as ones raising money for little ones with leukemia and Down syndrome.

It was a 'child' in attendance at the match who stole the headlines coming out of it, though. During the live pre-match coverage, someone was shown smoking in the stands. Aside from the fact smoking in public places is banned in Turkey, the more worrying part of all this was the smoker in question looked as if he was no older than 10 years old.

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Once the footage made it onto social media, people were naturally pretty outraged. However, turns out there was no need to be. According to News 18, Turkish media has revealed that the smoking 'boy' is actually a 36-year-old man. In fact, the smoker has a child of his own. While not confirmed, it might even be the little one, who is definitely not 36, sat alongside him.

You can check out the footage for yourself above. Now that we know the footage isn't as worrying as we all initially thought, we have another very important question. What skincare products is this guy using? To be 36 and have skin that looks that good, surely he must have some sort of deal with the devil? Plus he smokes, which makes his incredibly young-looking skin even more impressive.

As we touched upon above, there is still one issue. He might be 36, but that still means he was in the wrong for smoking in a public place and, unlucky for him, the moment was shown on live TV so he doesn't have much of a defense. On the bright side, if he is issued with a fine, it will only be for 69 lira, which is about $12.

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