Mother Called ‘Lazy’ Online After Sharing Summer Vacation ‘Survival Kit’ Snack Boxes For Kids

A mom has been slammed online for the content of the summer "survival kits" she created for her two sons.

We are well into that time of year again. The time of year when school is over and many parents are tasked with figuring out what to do with their kids every day. We would all love to be able to take them on holidays and day trips all summer long, but the fact we don't have unlimited money and have to go to work sadly prevents that dream from being a reality.

When we are at home with our kids over the summer, they will likely try our patients on a semi-regular basis. Not intentionally, at least not all the time, but simply by being kids while we are trying to get on with our day. Requesting we set something up, help them make a toy, or fetch them a drink or a snack.

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Shannon James, a mom in the UK, came up with a way to alleviate the pressure of that last one, reports The Sun. She assembled a couple of "survival kits" for her two sons. Boxes filled with their favorite snacks. Her little ones have a box each and are free to help themselves to the snack as and when they please. However, once their daily snack allocation is gone, that's it.

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As per when it comes to the internet, everyone has had something to say, and most of it has been nasty. Due to the assortment of snacks on offer not exactly being the healthiest, other parents reacted poorly to the idea, stating that children as young as Shannon's shouldn't be able to freely pick their own snacks. Others labeled her a "lazy parent" for putting the idea in place.

Shannon has responded to her critics, reiterating that the boxes are only replenished once a day. Plus, her boys also have access to as much fruit as they like, and as there is no limit on it there's no need to put it in the box. Not everyone has been critical, and some parents love the idea. Other moms have already let their own children pick out snacks and make their own "survival kit" boxes.

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