Sneak Peak Inside The Homes Of These 15 Celeb Moms

I like to pretend that I am above and beyond being obsessed with celebrities. What’s the big deal, anyway? They are people just like us. But I cannot quell this ferocious curiosity that takes over my brain when it comes to my favorite celebs. I want to know their thoughts and their dreams. I want to see pictures of their kids and hear what their nanny’s say about them behind their back. And I want to see inside their beautiful, multi-million dollar houses.

For us mothers out there, we know what hard work it is to maintain a home and have children. Whether we are stay-at-home moms, working moms, or some combination of the two—somehow most of the responsibility of the house falls squarely on our shoulders. So yeah, I want to know how my favorite celebs tackle their bedrooms. I want to see the décor they have chosen for their nursery or what countertops they prefer. I want to see what a bazillion dollars can buy a mother.

Rest assured, dear readers. We have done all of the leg work. We have hand-picked 15 of the hottest celeb mamas of today and provided photos of their magnificent, opulent houses. Enjoy.

15 Joanna Gaines

If you have a pulse than you are probably as obsessed with Joanna Gaines as the rest of us. She is smart, talented, and gorgeous. Her and her husband, Chip, have built an empire on fixing up houses through construction and design, providing families with an enviable outcome of a one-of-a-kind home.

So what does their own home look like? What pieces of design do these two pull into their own living room, kitchen and bedroom?


I think that seeing Joanna's living room just reassures me that the line she put out through Target is right on the mark; her house has all of the same tones, richness and verve of the pieces that she put out through the department store. It looks comfy, cozy, and right on trend.

14 Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigan is all of the rage right now. She is funny, beautiful and she doesn’t take no crap from nobody. She actually claps back at haters on Twitter—what celebrity does that?

Chrissy and her equally as gorgeous musician-husband, John Legend, seem to have impeccable style. So getting a glimpse inside their house is like getting to see if their actual lives reflect the image that they portray.

Chrissy is always raving about how much she loves to cook (she has even written her own cook book) so it is neat to see that she has a kitchen that is actually usable! It has long, sleek countertops, comfy bar stools and plenty of cupboard space. The open concept plan is modern but also very homey.

Feel free to extend an invite anytime, Chrissy.

13 Sheryl Crow

I played a little game (you should try to) and tried to picture what Sheryl Crow’s house would like before I checked out the picture. She seems super down to earth and she has great personal style. It seems like her décor would be where modern country meets Hollywood.

But I was wrong.

Her house is very contemporary and very sterile. The architecture of the place leaves it to be inviting but the choices in furniture and lack of personal items makes it seem cold. Sheryl does have her hands full with two small children so maybe she doesn’t have the time to devote to making this place all of her own. And let us be honest—this is probably one of her four houses…maybe it sits low on her list of priorities.

12 Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ home is exactly what I thought it would; large, extravagant with a definite So-Cal vibe to it. The area surrounding LA has a look on the inside of their houses that it tantamount to big spending, high ceilings, and rounded stair cases. But something about them also makes them feel like they have been pressed out of a cookie cutter. As grand as they may be, they don’t have the robust history that some of the older houses do.

It is interesting to see that her décor is really old school, with big ornate rugs and padded red chairs. If I had to wager a guess, it would be that the house came fully furnished when she bought it and she did little to add or change it.

11 Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s persona is of simple class. She doesn’t over-do her clothing, hair or makeup. She is beautifully natural. So when I picture her house, I want to carry over these same qualities—minimalism and elegance.

As the photo above show, those qualities are most definitely evident in her home. There are so many natural colors; lightly stained wood cabinets and beige tiles in the kitchen. The bedroom has a distinct airy feel to it—many whites coupled with ornate pieces like the chandelier. Even the outside of her house is gorgeous—beautiful, old architecture that is highlighted with vivid green vines and pops of color.

This is the sort of celebrity house that seems like it would be very comfortable to hang out in. It is not over the top—it’s just right.

10 Angelina Jolie

The home of Angelina Jolie enthralls me. How would this beautiful, smart woman decorate her house? Would she take a cue from Asian design and go modern and minimalistic? Would she furnish it with bright colors for her six children? Would she choose old vintage pieces (because you know she can afford them) from palace throughout Europe?

It seems like she has decorated with an eclectic mix of all these notions of design. The kitchen is stark and bright. The living room has an oriental rug, a plant mimicking Bamboo, and it does not have many knick-knacks.

And the bedroom. The bedroom looks like it has been removed from straight from a castle. Yet instead of feeling musty it feels comfortable. Regal.

Congrats, Angie. You have lived up to my high expectations.

9 Jessica Simpson

This is a photo of Jessica Simpson’s son’s nursery. Little Ace clearly has a wonderful area to play, and after seeing this I feel like a troll decorated my own playroom. (Me. I am the troll.)

This room is light. It is airy. It has colors and toys. The hints of blue are subtly but are there. It has comfy couches and a rocking chair. It feels like it is actually lived in and that not only would children enjoy it, but adults too. One of my biggest pet peeves about seeing rich people’s nurseries are that they are not practical. This one perfection.

Well done, Jessica. If you have any down time in the future and want to swing on over to my pad, I’d love an upgrade to this.

8 Gisele Bundchen

If you had to guess-- how would think that model Gisele Bundchen and her football player husband Tom Brady decorate? I sort of assumed that there would football memorabilia all over the walls and more animal prints.

I was wrong.

This penthouse is very clean and very sterile feeling. It does not seem like any children are here regularly. Everything from the appliances to the décor has the harshness of modern design with nothing to soften it up. To me, this looks like a high class bachelor pad.

It is hard, however, when you only get a glimpse of one room. Maybe this is the formal entertaining area and right across the hall is a comfy den with lounge chairs and a huge TV. We are just seeing a sliver of their world.

7 Madonna

Oh Madge the sultry, outrageous, and fiesty queen of pop. What in the world will her house look like?

Surprisingly normal, it seems. Her bedroom is ornate but not over the top. It has clean white colors and lots of wood accents. (I sort of assumed that she would have paid someone to mimic Michelangelo’s Creation of David on her ceiling—but instead of David it would be Madonna.)

Her bathroom looks like it is straight out of a Greek tragedy play, with some upgraded amenities. I would expect nothing less. How else is she going to sing in the bath? She needs reverberation!

The kitchen was the most shocking to me—dark espresso cabinets and lots of chrome. It feels very male, which is in complete opposition of my image of Madge.

6 Natalie Portman

My dearest Natalie Portman—your style befuddles me.

Natalie seems so down to earth, so friendly, and so sweet. I picture her living in a sprawling farmhouse with lots of dogs and a friendly older woman who is not her mother, but watches out for her like one. She always wears overalls and is smiling.

Instead, apparently, Natalie lives in a beige monstrosity that looks like it should be inhabited by Darth Maul. (I would expect him to have more red accents, but it is pretty close.) Sometimes these photos are taken when a star is trying to sell their house, so perhaps this is a staged version that some realtor thought would be appealing. I am hoping this is so because I cannot see my beloved Padme Amidala living in this taupe nightmare.

5 Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has been a famous actress for decades but has recently made a name for herself in fashion. She has created her own clothing line dubbed Draper James. (It is named after her grandparents: Dorthea Draper and William James Witherspoon.) The brand combines Reese’s southern roots with a flair of modern class—and I expect that her house will be decorated as such, too.

She has bright blue stripes that are accenting ornate window framings and stark white walls. There are many tones of brown that are placed thoughtfully next to pops of red, orange and cream. Her house looks lived in. It looks comfortable. It seems like the sort of place you would love to visit on a Saturday night, while you sip a glass of chardonnay and discuss a good book.

4 Jessica Alba

Do you ever look at some element of design and think, “I would have never, ever, put that there and yet it looks DIVINE”? That is how I feel about Jessica Alba’s kitchen. The butcher block countertops are gorgeous and I love the white shelves. But there are parts of it that on their own are horrific—and yet placed together they look amazing.

Take that patterned wallpaper (maybe tile?) that is lining the back of the counter—I never would have chosen that. Or that blue piece of fabric that is draped from the ceiling—what is that? Those wicker chairs have the ability to look old and frumpy, if placed elsewhere. But all of these things come together to create a beautiful, tasteful kitchen that I totes want to hang out in.

3 Hayden Panettiere

Oh Hayden, your Nashville kitchen looks divine!

This is such an elegant way to combine both southern charm and modern pieces into one beautiful room. The dark cabinets provide depth, the spiked stools and a contemporary splash, and the white backsplash is reminiscent of the 1950’s.

This kitchen is the type that invites friends to come and line up along the counter and drink a glass of champagne while the hostess prepares something delicious before them. This is a kitchen that is built for both entertaining and also eating intimate breakfasts of pancakes and syrup. I can easily see celebs sitting on those stools or a four-year-old in Wonder Woman pajamas.

It is hard to pull off a look that is intimate and also inviting for large groups. Well done.

2 Jessica Biel

This penthouse located in Tribeca, New York. Nestled within Lower Manhatten it a semblance of old New York. (The name used to be TriBeCa, which would stood for the “triangle below canal street”.) It is known to house artist, musicians and those who tend to run a little against the grain (who also have the money to live there).

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake purchased this roomy penthouse recently, as a hideaway when they are visiting the Big Apple. The photos show a sneak peek inside the flat but this photo does not give a lot away about their personal style. I would love to see what this place looks like once the couple decorates it themselves. I picture them putting in lots of comfortable furniture, tasteful wall dressings, and pops of color.

1 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a busy mother of three but she also has the dollar bills to decorate how she pleases. I would expect her house to be tasteful and inviting.

And so it is! Her style looks like farmhouse meets modern day New York. There are lots of whites that are couples with grays, beiges and browns. Instead of looking frumpy with that color pallet, the furniture adds a comfortable softness to the rooms.

I am digging that white and black striped kitchen floor, as well. It sounds horrific but it looks fantastic in the right setting. But the mother in me wonders how long those pure white couches are going to last with three children. Are they even allowed to sit on them? Because my kids would destroy those in approximately 48 seconds.

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