Sneaky Is As Sneaky Does: 12 Times Kids Were Just Too Sneaky (And 8 Times Mom Was)

Kids are sneaky, but so are parents. 

Once a mom meets their little one, they begin discovering the unique traits they have. They watch their baby's eyes scan the room and their fingers grip and grab everything around them. As they get older, Moms begin to catch on to their little one's developing personality. Maybe their baby is quite vocal. Maybe he is quiet, yet very aware. Maybe she likes to roll around and under everything.

No matter what, the surprises never stop. Ever.

With age comes knowledge and that knowledge sometimes brings forward sneaky, clever little babies. As newborns transform into infants and infants transform into toddlers, they gain an understanding of how the world around them works. They also gain an understanding of how their parents work - believe it or not. With that, they become more knowledgeable about what is happening around them and how things work.

Along with the little one gaining an understanding of how the world works, the parents too begin to understand how their child works. Once mom discovers how her little one's unique personality works, she can get ahead and be just as sneaky.

Well, most of the time.

12 Times Kids Were Way Too Sneaky

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20 “My Two-Year-Old Will Steal His Brother’s Binky.”


"The binky. My two-year-old will steal his baby brother's binky," says mom of three, Becca Benham. "If we can't find him, he is most likely hiding somewhere with the binky. Usually, it results in a quiet house for a couple minutes. When we find him, he will yell 'Surprise! Here's Owen's binky' like it was a game all along."

Binkies can create quite a dilemma amongst siblings - especially when one of them uses one and the others do not. When an older sibling remembers what it was like to use that binky, they will figure out a way to get it. Also, since they are a little older, they may often have a clever response when Mom finds that binky in their mouth.

19 The Humidifier Is A Secret Splash Zone


My twin girls recently turned one and are pulling themselves up on absolutely everything, taking a few steps, and exploring everything in their room. They had always shown an interest in their piggy humidifier, but never really played or messed around with it.

Until recently.

Their nursery has become a place they like to play so often we leave the door open. The other day, I heard giggles coming from their room. I thought they were just throwing all their stuffed animals out of their wagon or looking out the window - not at all. When I walked in the room, they had opened up their piggy humidifier and were splashing their hands in the little bowl.

Thank goodness it was just water.

18 Midnight Cookie Jar Binges


"The cookie jar. My three-year-old son will sneak out of his room to the cookie jar at all hours of the night," explains mom of five, Amy Stanton. "I've started emptying it each night and then when I catch him sneaking back to his room, he says, 'Mama, I want an apple' all because he knows he's busted."

This is an act many parents may admit to doing - well, the sneak-out-of-bed-for-a-cookie part. However, many parents also probably have experienced their little one trying to get their hands on those tasty treats. Whether it be in the middle of the night or behind your back during the day, the game never gets easier to play.

17 “She Hides In A Corner To Poop.”

Suz Lyfe

For some reason, little ones find it "helpful" to go number two in a "special spot" - such as a corner. They also often think they are getting away with it if they do this. However, after this has happened a few times, parents catch on. It also is hard to ignore this little act when the smell is simply bad afterward.

"She hides in a corner to poop," admits Alison Jade, mom of one. Not only does Alison know what it's like to deal with this sneaky little scenario, Amber Bowman, Mom of three, also understands it completely.

16 Naptime Giggles Mean Tossing Toys

My Social Mate

My twin daughters have started learning about cause and effect. I have not been actively teaching them this, though - they have started discovering it on their own, as many pre-toddlers do. They will often throw food from their trays onto the floor or drop toys and look at me curiously.

However, their favorite place to try out this little game is when they are in their cribs.

After I put them down for naptime, I often hear innocent giggles from their room. When I peak around the door, I usually see all of their crib toys on the floor. We only really keep a few important toys in their crib, but more times than not, those giggles turn into whines when they want those toys back and they can't get them.

15 “He Is Sitting Up In His Crib.”

Travel Mamas

Once little ones understand how monitors work, they become quite clever. Some children are able to make it so that they are off the screen of the monitor if they know where the camera is. Some may even be extra quiet if they want to get away with more playtime before naptime.

"Wesley has learned that we can hear him on the baby monitor when he is in his crib," explains Lacey Deiter, mom of one. "We will be sitting in the living room thinking he has been asleep for an hour or so, but when one of us goes down to check, he is sitting up in his crib playing with his animals. We even have the noise sensitivity turned up on the monitor."

14 Feeding The Dog Is More Fun

Today's Parent

The family dog has learned that when our girls are in their high chairs, there is a good chance that some pieces of this-and-that may end up on the floor. Since the girls know who the family dog is and like to see him, they have started putting two-and-two together and they understand that if they drop some food, the dog will get them.

They especially like to do this when our backs are turned.

If I go to clean out a sippy cup or do some dishes while they finish eating, I will usually come back to see their hands over the side of their trays and food falling to the ground. Giggles usually follow, along with one frustrated mama.

13 “She Loves To Go Into Her Brothers’ Room.”


When a little one figures out there is another room with new and exciting toys, she will want to find a way to get to those toys. Babies and toddlers are stubborn. When they want something, they will find a way to get it. Sometimes, that may mean sneaking behind the backs of others to get what they want.

"She loves to go into her brothers' room and take their stuff," explains Amber Bowman. "If she is quiet, that is most likely what she is doing. When she is caught and told she cannot have their stuff, she loses her mind."

12 Makeup Madness


"Regan likes to put on the most obnoxious makeup - like we won't notice it in a hot second," says Mom of two, Michele Graham. When a little one wants to wear makeup and be like her mom, she will find a way to do it - even if she ends up looking like the hottest mess there ever was.

Kiddo see, kiddo do - or attempt to do. If a child watches her mom put on makeup, she may become interested and want to try it herself. When she is told no, she may try to find a way to get away with it.

However, it is pretty hard to get away with putting lipstick all over your face.

11 Testing The Toothbrush Timer


"My daughter has a two-minute sand timer that we flip when she brushes her teeth," says mom of one, Heidi Hey-Scharbach. "She thinks she's being sneaky by flipping it back over the other way when I leave the bathroom so she doesn't have too long to brush."

It's a dangerous thing when a toddler is able to figure out certain things. It can be scary to a mom because it shows their little one is growing up, but it also shows their little one is getting smarter. Knowledge is a great thing to gain, but it can cause clever, sneaky moments.

But those moments make for the funniest memories when looking back.

10 “She Plays In The Dog’s Water Dish.”


"She plays in the dog's water dish or food dish. She'll crawl really slowly until she rounds the corner and then takes off in a running crawl to dash to it as quickly as she can if I'm near there," explains mom of one, Chelsea Marie. "If I'm in the other room, she stays quiet so I can't tell until I hear them clanging."

Pets bring out the true curiosity in a child. When they see their pet eating from a bowl or splashing water from one, of course they will want to get a closer look. In the eyes of the little one, the water dish is simply a small bathtub. Why not surprise Mom with a little bath, right?


9 Silence Means They’re Playing In The Socks


We usually keep a little basket of socks on a somewhat low shelf in the girls' room. We have cube shelves nailed to a nook in the nursery and just recently did the girls show an interest in this little nook. Now that they pull themselves up on everything and are taking a few, feisty steps, they are able to reach this basket.

And when they pull it down, socks fall over them like confetti.

For a few days, I would clean the socks up and put them back on the same low shelf - thinking the girls would forget about them. I was wrong. I would hear silence or quiet giggles, walk into the nursery, and find the girls sitting in a pile of socks - huge smiles on their faces.

And 8 Times Mom Was Just As Sneaky

8 “I Like To Hide And Pop Out And Scare Her.”


Just because your little one is sneaky doesn't mean you can't be. Moms have just as much fun sneaking up on their little one when they least expect it. Sometimes this results in chaos or a meltdown, but more times than not - it ends in genuine laughter.

"I like to hide and pop out and scare her because she thinks it is super hilarious," admits Alison Jade. Many moms are probably in the same boat and play this game over and over again just to hear that unique little giggle. Whether the outcome is hilarious or not, it never gets old for the parent.

7 Making Healthy Versions Of Not-So-Healthy Meals


There are many healthy alternatives for snacks and meals that children have absolutely no clue about. They may think they're getting pizza, but it's really made out of cauliflower. They may think they're eating the same ol' chicken nuggets, but they're really coated in quinoa - not deep fried and breaded. Heck, even black bean brownies work as a sneaky and delectable treat.

By adjusting the recipes of certain meals or making meals that look like ones your little ones like, they will dive right in without questions (well, usually). As they smile and chow down, you will sit back and proudly smile.

6 “I Would Catch Him In The Act.”


"Our living room is above his bedroom, so he can tell when we are moving around up there. He caught on when we got up - we were generally coming down to put him back for a nap so he would immediately pretend to be asleep," explains Lacey Deiter. "I started getting up and then going to the kitchen before going into the bedroom. Then I would catch him in the act rather than catching him pretending to sleep."

Parents can be just as sneaky as their kiddos - especially when it comes to that feisty little one who likes playing in their crib just as much as pretending to fall asleep. Once a mama gets the hang of their little one's routine and behaviors, they quickly catch on and catch them.

5 Combining Teeth-Brushing and Nose-Wiping

The Kavanaugh Report

My twin girls hate getting their noses wiped. They actually despise getting their faces washed, wiped, and touched in general. So you can imagine the chaos that comes with cleaning up after a meal and wiping those drippy, slimy noses. The tears, the non-stop wiggling, the dramatic whining - the tantrums are real.

We have discovered a secret solution to the madness that comes with wiping and cleaning our girls' faces: multitasking. Our girls absolutely love brushing their teeth. They think it is hilarious and look forward to when that little finger-brush comes their way. As we brush their teeth, we quickly dab their noses simultaneously and make silly, fun noises.

Two birds with one stone.

4 Being A Medicine Magician


When a baby or toddler knows what that little syringe or plastic cup means, they will do everything in their power to push it away. They will flail and wiggle and scream. They will practically glue their lips together or spit out the medicine the moment it touches their tongue. When they don't want that medicine, they will do everything in their power not to get it.

On the other hand, Moms will do everything in their power to get that medicine down.

By getting sneaky and having a positive attitude, you will get that medicine into your baby's body. Putting it in yogurt or applesauce can be helpful or putting it in their juice or milk. Sometimes freezing it into popsicle form can also help. Who wouldn't want a "cherry-flavored popsicle?"

3 “She Knows She Can’t Get Away With That One Anymore.”


While some children love brushing their teeth, other ones will do everything they can to get out of it. Heidi Hey-Scharbach, mom of one, uses a two-minute timer that her daughter flips when it comes time to brush her teeth. However, her daughter has started flipping it back the other way the second her mom leaves the room.

However, getting away with that little trick only lasts for so long when there's a clever mama in the picture.

"Last night I stood outside the doorway where she couldn't see me, but I could see the timer," explains Heidi. "I scared the life out of her when she reached for it to try again. Hopefully, now she knows she can't get away with that one anymore."

2 Watering Down The Juice (A Lot)


Juices and fruit drinks often are loaded with sugar or artificial sweetener. Even though the "regulations" have changed over and over again, many parents still like watering down juices before handing them over to their little ones.

And do their little ones know? Most of the time they have absolutely no idea.

According to CBS news, "many beverages look like fruit juice and say they have vitamins, but they can also be packed with sugar and other ingredients that do not have nutritional value." It is also suggested to only give your child a dixie cup amount of juice a day - so watering down the juice makes it seem like "more" in their eyes.

1 “I’ll Hide It In Places She’s Forced To Make A Huge Ruckus.”


Even when little ones are trying to be quiet and sneaky, they often aren't. Sometimes their clever little behaviors end up being silently secretive. However, when they are on a mission, their movements and searching skills can create quite the soundtrack.

When one of Michele Graham's daughters wants something, she makes sure to think wisely about where she hides it. Usually, her daughter will catch on to where she hides the items she wants - so that clever mom mind starts turning.

"I'll hide it in places she's forced to make a huge ruckus," explains Michele. "She needs a chair or stool. I let her think she's getting away with it - for a minute."

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