SNL Star And Leukemia Survivor Vanessa Bayer Writes Book To Help Sick Children

Vanessa Bayer shares that when she was a teenager she had leukemia and so she wrote a book to help families with sick children.

Visiting a sick child is really difficult. You never know what to say. The whole experience is kind of uncomfortable. You want to be supportive of the child, but then you don't know how to encourage them to be strong. The whole experience can be a bit awkward. Saturday Night Live star, Vanessa Bayer, shares her experience as a sick teenager. When Bayer was a teenager she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Bayer had to be treated for two years and was in and out of hospitals. She explains that many people wanted to help, but she could tell that nobody knew what to do. Bayer said that the only reason she got through the whole ordeal was due to all of her close friends.

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Bayer wanted to help sick children, so she wrote a book. She named her book How Do You Care for a Very Sick Bear? She wanted to help children learn how to cope with their sickness and it teaches friends and family how to interact with a child who is sick. It is a very emotional time when children are extremely sick and the book is to help guide relatives through the time to best support the kid. The book gives practical and warm advice to help with encouraging the child and family. One part in the book asks, “you and your friend Bear/are an excellent pair/But if your friend gets sick/And can’t do all the things that you two love to do … You may wonder — how do you care for a very sick Bear?”

Vanessa Bayer explains that when she was a teenager it was really hard to be sick for so long. She wasn't able to go to school. The only social interaction she got was when her friends went to visit her. She loved how her friends were able to rally around her and support her throughout her illness. She said that they kept her in the loop with all of the school's gossip. They would invite her when she felt healthy enough to do something and when she was too sick they would still make her feel included.

The book has gotten great reviews and people are raving about the concept on social media. It is a book that people really needed. Many people were looking for a book that could help them through the tough time of watching a child be sick. Amy Schumer wrote; “It is such a beautiful book and everyone should buy it for their children. Especially if they have dealt with illness. Vanessa [had] leukemia as a teenager, and I wish her friends had this book back then! I am so proud of her and this book she has made come to life.”

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