Snooki Is Growing Increasingly Impatient Waiting For Baby Number 3 To Arrive

Snooki is getting very impatient about still being pregnant. She is very excited and ready to give birth!

The last couple of weeks of pregnancy can be so long and very uncomfortable. It is really hard to sleep, it starts becoming very difficult to walk, you feel so uncomfortable, you have acid reflux and you are just growing impatient. Most pregnant women are just "done" being pregnant and are very excited to meet their new little baby! Celebrities are certainly not any different and get just as fed up about the last bit of pregnancy as most mothers.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is looking stunning and gorgeous. However, she is not feeling that great. She is ready for her little baby to come out right now! She is due any day now and she is growing impatient and getting a little frustrated with her baby. Snooki and her husband, Jionni LaVelle, are expecting their third child. They found out that their third baby is going to be a little boy and they are planning on naming him "Angelo."

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Snooki posted on Instagram a video of her bouncing on a medicine ball. Bouncing on a medicine ball is a very common exercise in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy because women think it helps "get things moving" and encourages the little one to come out. Snooki captions her post, "come out you little shi-t."

Snooki has been going through all of the "methods" to induce labor so that she can have a baby. She also posted that she was drinking iced lemon water that is supposed to help move labor along. Her friends say that she was supposed to deliver sometime last week. Snooki is past her allegedly past her due date and done with being pregnant. Anybody who has gone overdue know exactly what that feels like.  She said that she was feeling a lot of cramping last week and she was hoping that was the start of labor. She went into the hospital and her doctor said that she was not in labor. He predicted that she wouldn't be going into labor for at least another week. However, even the prediction of her doctor has appeared to be wrong as well.

We hope that Snooki delivers soon so that she can meet her new little son! We hope that everything goes great in her labor and delivery! We are very excited to hear when you have delivered and we are excited to see sweet little pictures.

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