Snooki Is Pregnant With Her Third Baby: 19 Things About The Jersey Shore Star

It's true: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is pregnant with another meatball. The reality star posted it herself this past Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, and her fans were over joyed with her amazing news.

Nicole has done a lot in her 31 years. For those who don’t know who Snooki is, Snooki is an American reality television personality, television host, author, wrestler and dancer who first made her big break by becoming a cast member of the MTV hit show Jersey Shore. Since her debut on Jersey Shore, the reality tv star has had quite a few appearances. From talk shows, to web and television series, to hosting shows, and let’s not forget her huge social media influences and her online stores she runs from her house.

Snooki might look like she comes from money, but in reality, she got this far all on her own. Nicole has amazing parents who love her a lot. Her father works as a volunteer firefighter and auto-salvage supervisor, while her mother works as an office manager. They are not her biological parents though. They actually adopted Nicole when she was six months old.

It was in school that Nicole would get her nickname “Snooki.” It all started in middle school. Thanks to her popularity with the boys and being the first one to kiss a boy out of her friends, her friends decided to give her the nickname Snooki after the male character on Save The Last Dance.

After school, she would go on to attend college, where she would study to become a veterinary technician. As fans know though, she decided to take a different career path though. In 2009 she appeared on season one of the Jersey Shore and since then her life has been an open book. She would later go on to have many different shows, open her own business, have two kids and even get married. A lot has changed since her first television appearance. Keep scrolling to learn more about Snooki and what she has been up to these past few years.

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19 Snooki Says What She Is Thankful For

Snooki is about to turn 31-years-old this Friday and boy did she get an amazing gift for her birthday this year. According to the reality tv star’s Instagram, she is now pregnant with baby number 3.

That’s right folks. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is going to have another meatball.

According to msn.com, Snooki shared an adorable picture of her two oldest children, Lorenzo and Giovanna, as they held the framed photo of her new baby’s sonogram. She then went on to caption the photo, “What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving,” alone with a heart and prayer-hand emoji signs and the hashtag family.

18 “I’m Not Pregnant, I am Annoyed”


In a recent episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Snooki decides that she needs to take a pregnancy test due to vomiting after a long day of drinking.

According to msn.com, the reality star had this to say about her recent hit of nausea:

“I never throw up, even when I was little. So I’m like, okay, me and Jionni are trying to have a baby — maybe I’m pregnant,” she said. “I feel weird right now. I didn’t eat anything to make me sick, so why am I throwing up now?”

She later took a trip to the store with her best gal pal Jennifer “JWoww” Farley to get some tests.

“It’s no. I’m not pregnant. I’m so annoyed. I’m just old and I can’t [hang] anymore.”

17 She opened her own boutique

A new baby isn’t the only thing Snooki is grateful for this year.

As a lot of fans known, Snooki has had a successful online business for a few years now. First on Etsy, and then upgrading to her own online website.

Well, once again the reality star is branching out and going bigger.

According to nj.com, on Sunday, November 25, 2018, she will be having the grand opening of her new boutique in Madison, NJ called The Snooki Shop. How exciting for her!

That is not all. She will also be holding a VIP event this Saturday to celebrate her grand opening on Sunday.

16 Getting Engaged


Snooki got not one, but two surprises in the year 2012 when she learned not only was she going to be a new mommy, but she was also going to be planning a wedding soon after the father of her child decided to pop the question.

According to okmagazine.com, Jionni LaValle, Snooki’s then boyfriend, popped the question sometime around Valentine’s Day and Snooki was ecstatic to know that she was going to be married to her soul mate.

At the time of her engagement news, she had yet to set a day for the wedding and hadn’t even announced when she was due to have her first child.

15 Her Wedding


Snooki got to celebrate the greatest memory of her life, besides the birth of her kids, in November 2014 when she married the love of her life, Jionni LaValle.

According to people.com, the event took place on a Saturday at the St, Rose of Lima catholic Church in East Hanover, New Jersey. The ceremony was then later followed by a reception at The Venetian banquet hall in Garfield, New Jersey.

The reality star took to twitter to announce her glorious event with a photo of herself holding a sparkling silver bouquet while she wore an amazing white gown with an embroidered bodice and lace applique. She captioned the photo, “Sharing my first photo of my wedding today.”

14 Pregnant With Lorenzo

When rumors of Snooki’s pregnancy first started to make headlines in magazine, online news sites and other news outlets, she was quick to deny them and shut them all down. She even went on Good Morning America and made sure to qualify that she was not pregnant.

“I definitely do want kids, but I’m not pregnant,” Snooki, 25, told Lara Spencer. “Being pregnant should be a real thing and a happy thing, and I’m not.”

According to people.com though, she was in fact pregnant. In fact, she was around three months already when the rumors started that she was pregnant by her boyfriend at the time, Jionni LaValle.

13 The Birth Of Her First Born


It was on August 26, 2012 that Snooki gave birth to her first son.

According to dailymail.co.uk. the reality star gave birth to a baby boy that she went on to name Lorenzo Dominic LaValle at a New Jersey hospital sometimes in the early morning. The adorable bundle of joy made his grand entrance into the world at a whopping 6lbs, 5oz.

Snooki took to twitter to announce the joyous occasion: “I am SO IN LOVE with my son Lorenzo Dominic! I had my little man last night, healthy at 6lbs! HE'S MY WORLD!”

She later returned to twitter to gush even more about her new son. “Being a mom is an amazing feeling!!! I love my little man [so much]! Jionni is such a cute dad.”

12 Her Fascination With Lorenzo’s #2


So, we all know that Snooki can be a little weird at times. It is what we all love about her, but this one was a little out there.

According to huffingtonpost.com, after Snooki gave birth to her first born, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, she was obsessed with him and loved being a new mom. Her obsession was a little over board though, so much so that she admitted that she was so obsessed with her son that she loved the smell of his poops and his farts.

“Even his farts smell good. I love the smell of his farts,” Snooki said. “Is that weird? I love the smell of [them]” she admitted during an interview.

Even Jionni was excited to change his son’s diaper, saying that it was the whole point of having a baby.

11 Pregnant With Baby Number 2


Nineteen months after the birth of their first child, Jionni LaValle and Snooki announced that they were yet again going to be parents. According to thebump.com, Snooki was beyond ecstatic and took to her blog to post that they were expecting a second child.

"Jionni and I are so excited to confirm that we are expecting our second child! Now knowing that our test results are good, and our baby is healthy, we can finally talk about it! We planned to have a second child before our wedding and will indeed still be getting married in the fall of 2014. We are a committed family that will raise our children to be the best they can be and give them the best life we can give them... Big things are happening this year with the wedding, moving into our dream house and having our second bambino or bambina!"

10 Giving Birth To Her Baby Girl


Snooki and Jionni LaValle welcomed their second child on a Friday in September 2014.

According to eonline.com, Snooki took to her twitter to announce the arrival of her baby girl to all her fans:

"So happy to let you know we had our beautiful daughter this morning Giovanna Marie LaValle. 6.7 lbs, full head of black hair & perfect.”

During her pregnancy, she made sure to keep constant updates going for all her fans. On numerous occasions she would post adorable pictures of her growing baby bump with her two-year-old son Lorenzo. She was also adamant that being pregnant wasn’t going to stop her from working out. She made sure to continue her workout treatments all throughout her pregnancy.

9 Her Tattoos


Most of the time, when a person gets a tattoo, it is because it represents something. Either it is something they like, or maybe it is a symbol of something or someone close to them, or maybe just a special occasion that means a lot to them.

According to cheatsheet.com, Snooki has so many that she has forgotten how many she has in total. “I don’t know how many I have, but I know they’re all meaningful to me,” the young reality star said once during her YouTube video. Fans have been able to count them though, and it looks like she has a total of 15.

Her husband doesn’t care for them though. “I don’t regret any of them and I really want more. But my husband is like ‘ease up on the tattoos’ because he’s old-school Italian,” she admitted.

8 Not Taking Anything From Anyone

via: instagram

This past October, Snooki took to her Instagram to post an adorable picture of her four-year-old daughter Giovanna and her gal pal’s daughter Meilani, who is also four-years-old. Unfortunely, that is when the haters came out though and attacked Snooki for not caring about her daughter’s appearance.

According to etcanada.com, one troll even went so far as to say, “Girl, you have money, dress your girl better. She’s beautiful but needs to look nicer. You take time to do your hair, face and dress. Do the same for her.”

Snooki wasn’t taking any crap from no one though and was quick to snap back. “Mind your own business though,” Snooki wrote in response to the comment. “I let my daughter pick her own outfits. I let her express herself. Are you a mother? Worry about your own damn kids and let us live.”

7 No Longer The Same Snooki


Since first appearing in 2009 on the first season of Jersey Shore, Snooki has changed a lot. The once crazy and spirited pop culture phenomenon is now married, has two kids, and has launched a few businesses. She really turned her life around and used her onscreen antics she is known for and turned them into Instagram gold and now is a social media influencer.

Fans around the world knew that as she got older, she would never remain the crazy meatball we all known her as.

According to popcrush.com, Snooki, who is now 30-years-old, seems to really have lose a lot of the well-meaning, irreverent charm that first captured the eyes of all her fans back in 2009.

Since staring on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, we see a lot of different sides to her. For example, on one episode she loses her wedding ring and goes into a fit of hysteria over it. Right before she was in a fit of tears over missing her children and wanting to go home.

Our little meatball really has grown up.

6 Hosting MTV’s New Show, “Just Tattoo of Us.”

For those fans of tattoo shows who also love Snooki, well guess what, you can now have the best of both worlds.

According to variety.com, Snooki, along with “Younger” trouper Nico Tortorella, will be hosting the new MTV show Just Tattoo of Us. The show is about trust. It takes two people, either family, friends or couples, and asks them to choose a tattoo for one another, but they can’t tell one another what they choose. The one getting tattooed won’t know what it is until after the artist is done and it is revealed to the world. But that is not all. Along with getting to see people’s reactions to their surprised tattoos, we also get into personal reasons behind why that person chose that tattoo.

The show first aired in the U.K in 2016 and now is in its third season. It was such a big success they decided to bring it over to the U.S. Hopefully it does just as well.

5 Gift Cards For Payment?


By the look of her, it is hard to believe that Snooki grew up in a middle-class family. By the young age of 13, she was forced to go out and get a job and learn the value of money. Good parenting in my opinion. Teach them young, teach them right and let them learn the hard way.

According to etcanada.com, the reality tv star’s first job was as a bus girl. She did not last long though and was fired after two days due to “not wanting to clean up other people’s crap.”

Unfortunely for her, during the first season of Jersey Shore, she wasn’t paid at all. During an interview, Snooki explained how the cast actually got paid in gift cards for the first season.

“We would get $200 a week from the Shore Store,” she remembered. “I had never gotten that much in a week, like, every single week, because you usually get paid every two weeks. That was crazy for me.”

4 Why She Got Plastic Surgery


So, Snooki had been pretty adamant that she always wanted to get a boob job, but she wanted to wait until after she was done having kids. As many followers know though, that did not happen.

According to etcanada.com, the reality television star announced on an episode of Moms with Attitude two years ago that she decided to go ahead and get them done. Her reasoning behind it, well it might take her to the age of 50 to stop having kids, and she didn’t want to wait that long.

“I’m in my prime right now. I’m gonna be 29 and I want to be as hot as I can! I call this my little mommy makeover. Being a mom, obviously your boobs are destroyed by having kids, especially breast feeding. I breastfed Giovanna for a year. I want to look hot for my husband, but I also want to feel great about myself and that was just an insecurity that I had.”

3 How She Inspired A Bill


According to chicagotribune.com, thanks to that, Snooki inspired Republican Assemblyman John DiMaio to write a bill that would make it so no more than $10,000 of state money could to go a public speaker at any of New Jersey’s public universities.

Not only was Snooki $32,000 in 2011 for coming to speak at Rutgers University, but she was paid $2000 more than Nobel prize-winning author Toni Morrison. People really want to hear what she has to say! Clearly she's become very influential and is using her power to do good things for the world.

How crazy is that?

2 Taking Legal Action Against Her Ex


Before a lot of bad mouthing went down between Snooki and her ex Emilio Masella, there was rumors that Emilio might actually be the father of her unborn child Lorenzo. Emilio made accusations that he had actually slept with Snooki around the time of conception.

According to tmz.com, Snooki didn’t take that comment lightly and had her lawyers draw up a cease and desist order in February 2012, which threatened to sue Emilio if he continued to badmouth Snooki or her pregnancy to the media.

This didn’t stop him though and a month later he hoped that Snooki would lose the baby.

How messed up is that?

1 Obsessed With The Walking Dead

So, for fans of Snooki who might not know, Snooki is actually a big fan of the show Walking Dead. Not just a fan though, she is a bit obsessed one could say. So much so, that the creators of the show actually sent her a replica bat of the legendary Lucille, the bat Negan uses to bash people’s heads in.

During the last Super Bowl Sunday, the reality tv star posted to her Instagram a picture of herself sitting in front of her television with a teaser of The Walking Dead’s return on it. She captioned the picture, “This is how I spend Super Bowl Sunday. With my zombies.”

A week prior she posted a picture of a stack of hardcover comic books she started to collect with the caption, “Had to deal somehow…got TWD comics.”

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