Snoring While Pregnant Can Be Bad For Your Unborn Baby's Health

Snoring is something that many people do while they sleep. It happens for different reasons to people from all walks of life. Yet it's super loud and annoying, making anyone who happens to be sleeping beside you more than a little peeved. No one likes to share a bed with someone who snores- that's a fact.

But it's not just an annoying thing that some people do while they sleep. It turns out that snoring while pregnant can actually harm your unborn baby. This was recently discovered in a study that was conducted by the University of Michigan.

For this study, researchers looked at 1673 pregnant women who were in their first trimester. It was eventually discovered that 35 percent of them snored. Later, all participants had their medical records looked at after they gave birth. That's when researchers discovered that women who snored more than three nights per week had a worse experience delivering their baby. This could've been a C-section or having a smaller baby.

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Women who began snoring while pregnant did so due to being overweight, fluid retention and/or hormone imbalance. Chronic snorers were two-thirds more likely to give birth to a baby who would end up below the tenth percentile of weight. Also, snorers were twice more likely to have a C-section.

Why is that? Well, snoring can actually cause inflammation that's harmful to one's cardiovascular system. It also causes inflammation that will alter blood vessels that go to the placenta. That can subsequently lead to less blood flow and nutrients to reach your unborn baby. That, in turn, results in less growth, which may explain why smaller babies are born to women who snore.

So if you're pregnant but also a snorer, what can you do to nix snoring in the bud? Experts first suggest that you sleep with a propped up pillow. But if you snore more than just three nights a week, it's best to have your blood pressure checked to ensure that all is well. Other than that, try to ensure that your pregnancy is otherwise healthy. At the end of the day, a healthy pregnancy will most likely result in a healthy baby.

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