Socialite Barron Hilton and Wife Tessa Are Expecting Their First Child

Hotel heir, Barron Hilton and his wife Tessa announced that they are going to be expecting a little baby!

We are so excited to announce that Barron and Tessa Hilton are expecting their first child! The couple got married last June in St Barts. They were excited to get married and to start a life together. Getting married on the tiny island of St. Barts was very important to the model. She said that her parents married 30 years prior on the island. Then she has been returning to the island every year since she was a little baby. Then three years ago she met Barron while on the island. It only seemed fitting to also getting married there as well. She shared that she had the honor to be getting married to Barron in front of their family and their closest friends.

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The couple didn't announce their pregnancy in a typical fashion. Most couples reveal their pregnancy by showing off a baby bump picture or showing an ultrasound, but this couple decided to do something a little different. All the couple did was share a picture of them kissing while enjoying a meal. The caption said, "We're having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tessa Hilton goes on to talk about how much she loves Barron. She shares how she is so in love with her husband and together through their love they were able to create a little miracle. Tessa admits that it blows her mind that they were able to create a baby and that they are going to be able to have a baby that they love more than anything. She ends her caption by saying, "Our whole world is glowing."

Welcoming a baby into this world is one of the most amazing things and we are so excited that the couple gets to share this wonderful experience together. We hope that Tessa is able to have a healthy and happy 9 months and that it will be uneventful. We hope that we get to see a whole bunch of beautiful baby bump pictures of Tessa. Good luck you guys and congratulations on the wonderful baby news!

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