Soldier Dad Is Reunited With His Baby Girl

After being deployed for 295 days, Captain Steven Cochran was finally able to be reunited with his seven-month-old daughter.

Cochran left his home in Garner, North Carolina when he was deployed to Afghanistan. He left behind his beautiful pregnant wife to go and serve his country.

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Cochran missed the birth of his daughter but was able to go back home and meet his baby for the first time. He was only able to stay a couple of days to help out his wife. Unfortunately, he was sent back to his tour in Afghanistan, leaving his newborn and wife back in North Carolina.

Cochran was finally able to come home and be reunited with his 7-month old daughter. Cochran was overjoyed to be able to see his daughter. He was able to Facetime with them throughout his deployment, but that wasn't the same. "I saw my little girl, and she was even cuter than I could ever imagine. You see her on Facebook, but none of those pictures or Facetime do her justice," Cochran said. Morgan, his wife, said "seeing the big smile on his face and the way she stared at him was just really, really cute. You could tell she recognized him and it felt really good."

Cochran loves serving his country, but he said that it was incredibly difficult to know that he missed out on a lot of one-on-one bonding time with her.  He said, "she doesn't know who I am on the other side, she doesn't understand that I'm daddy, I'm just another face on the screen, that is really the hardest part." Morgan recounted how difficult the last 295 days had been without her husband, but she was very grateful that she had an awesome support system at home to help her raise her daughter alone. Morgan was very excited to have her husband back with her. She said, "the first night, he rocked her to sleep, and I just stood in the doorway with tears in my eyes because we have been waiting for that for so long."  Cochran is not wasting any time and is already determined to have his daughter say, "da da" instead of "ma ma."

Via: abc11.com

We can't imagine how difficult it must have been for Morgan to be without her husband through the birth of her beautiful daughter. We are sure she missed him a lot, but we are so grateful that Cochran was able to return to his daughter and his wife safely.


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