15 Pics Of Babies Trying Food For The First Time

When our babies experience things for the first time, it is always full of wonder and curiosity. Sometimes things go smoothly for our little tikes, and sometimes, they don’t. For example, a first touch, a first sweet little kiss from mama? Those are as good as it gets! However, first diaper rash, or first tummy ache? Not so fabulous.

Enter the world of the first tastes of assorted foods. Oh my goodness, the cuteness factor! These little babes have no idea what to expect. They only know the taste of mother’s milk or formula, and their little mouths and taste buds are not at all sure how to process the outrageous flavors and textures that will soon be coming their way.

Whether it’s their first taste of peas, squash, or cereal; plums, bananas, or carrots, these little sweethearts have no idea what they are about to experience, and it is certainly reflected in the precious and dramatic reactions that come across their perfect little faces.

So enjoy these funny moments moms and dads… not only do they pass quickly, but the trusting little baby that opens wide for new foods right now, will be a finicky toddler before you can blink an eye. In fact, some little guys start to get a bit picky right away, so choose those first tastes wisely, my friends! There’s a long way to go in the eating department!

15 I’m Eating What?!

You can just stop all of that airplane spoon stuff right now mom…I am soooo on to you!! It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s squash and carrots!! What the heck. Mama? I thought you really loved me!

Junior’s reaction to this set of new foods is purely priceless. He has that look of shock and disappointment on his face that can only be described as absolutely adorable. Pay attention moms and dads. There’s a reason experienced parental units recommend starting your sweethearts off with the veggies. If you don’t, they may just never let them pass their lips.

This looks like a little guy that may already know the sweetness of a fruity delight. His face certainly does not reflect any affection for the veggie in any which way. Maybe Mom needs to alternate for a little bit to assure her little guy that yummy foods do indeed still exist.

14 The Sour Explosion

What in the world are they feeding this little guy? Liver and onions?? His sweet little face appears to be in a state of pure disgust. Must be something pretty icky to warrant that type of reaction. Maybe it’s even a combination of a couple of things. Poor kid. Yuck!

I get it moms and dads…we all want our precious little bundles of joy to try new things, and of course we want them to enjoy new tastes and flavors. However, hopefully the idea of a funny photo op isn’t the only catalyst for your culinary choices.

Whether it’s just for humor, or for actual nutrition, first foods are sure to bring on lots and lots of fun! Keep those cameras rolling peeps. You never know when you’re going to catch your little one in a moment that will be shared at their own wedding when they grow up!

13 One. More. Bite

This one just steals my heart. Being a cake kind of girl myself, I can only imagine the pure bliss that is running through this sweet little angel’s head as she devours her first taste of birthday cake. When I was a baby, “smash cakes” were not a thing yet. Babies just had to have a few bites given to them as if they were normal human beings…haha. But alas, things are much different now.

Going from Gerber fruits and veggies with the occasional Cheerio to this? Oh my goodness it is heaven on earth!! I wish we had a before and after picture to share, but we’ll just have to use our imaginations. This kiddo is not messing around when it comes to her birthday cake!

She’s got a whole new spin on an old theme. No doubt that she is absolutely enjoying her birthday. Good call on the lack of clothes, Mom and Dad.

12 Uh Oh - It’s A Cheerio

I absolutely love this one! Can this little guy get any cuter with his little curious finger and nose? What’s this, Mama? Why can’t I really see it anymore? Too adorable for words.

Yep. Finger foods open up a whole new world of unexplored territories for our little guys. Not exactly sure if this counts as tasting, but it certainly is a new trick! I’m not sure I could stick a Cheerio to my nose if I tried. This is one talented little young man.

I’m guessing by the lack of other Cheerios stuck to his face or the table directly underneath, that this was indeed the first little circle O that this guy had experienced. You’re supposed to put it in your mouth, kid! That’s what they’re for!

Just wait until you get to try them in a bowl with some milk. That’s where the real fun starts! Then you get to stick soggy cereal everywhere, not just on your nose!

11 The Orange Nightmare

Oh my goodness, look at this little peanut’s reaction!! It looks like this kiddo may not be a big fan of oranges! Or perhaps it is a taste of the orange’s evil cousin, the grapefruit!! Haha! Certainly looks like a sour face to me, but anything new to those inexperienced little taste buds can cause a hilarious reaction, I suppose.

It’s funny though, because human nature guides these little angels, and most of their first tastes (outside of baby food firsts) come because they show an interest in what those around them are eating. That’s where the fun really begins, I guess.

So moms and dads, have those cameras ready when your little sweetheart is getting ready to try those firsts. You never know what kind of treasured photo you may end up with!! You could end up with some seriously hilarious pics to use when you create your first video photo montage.

10 I’ll Have What The Cat Is Having!

Honestly, I can’t even tell who is tasting whose food at that particular moment, but no matter what the scenario, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that this pic is absolutely hilarious and adorable. They both appear to be happily sharing the plate. Such a sweet little lesson in sharing!

Yep…our little ones are always curious, and constantly learning about the sights and sounds (and tastes) around them. Maybe the kitty is up on the table sampling junior’s little snack? I guess I would prefer that thought than to think that this sweet little baby is tasting cat food for the first time!

In any case, these fur-ever friends seem to be handling the situation just fine. May they enjoy many more happy meals together as the years go by. Perhaps something that is fit for both a human and a feline? What do you think, Mom? Maybe some tuna salad?

9 When Life Gives You Lemons...

This one just cracks me up! Check out those poor little mortified baby blues!! If it weren’t for the lemon in this picture, we would all be terrified for this innocent little frightened soul!! Ahhh….the joys of motherhood.

Not only does she seem scared to death, that little face looks shocked by the betrayal that has been bestowed upon her. It’s just a lemon, sweet little one. No need to be so upset. Yes, we know that it is playing havoc with your young little taste buds, but you’ll be just fine, we promise.

I wonder if she will have a touch of Post Traumatic Lemon Disorder for a while. She certainly has the look of someone that is in the throws of some serious mental trauma. Poor thing! Perhaps you have earned your first taste of a lollipop after this unfortunate incident.

8 In My Mouth Or On My Head?

Obviously, this little guy is not as interested in eating as he is in playing. With as much spaghetti as there is on the child, table, clothes, wall, etc…there certainly does not appear to be any that even landed close to this little guy’s mouth!

That being said, I’m not entirely sure that this pic counts as a first tasting, considering that the baby does not appear to have tasted any of the food. However, it certainly does appear to be his first experience with a big bowl of sauce and noodles, so we can let it slide.

Mom? Can you please help me out here? I’m not exactly sure what to do next, and this bowl is about to slide right off of my head. Poor guy! Back to the drawing board with you, buddy.

7 He's Not Happy With You, Mama

The nerve!! Look at this little guy’s obvious disdain for his poor mother! Oh my goodness, such a cutie pie. Wouldn’t you love to be inside his little head for just a minute? He seems to be wondering what happened to his sweet mama that would ever allow such a disgusting substance to touch his innocent little lips!

Judging by his cute chubby cheeks, it looks as though this little monkey is going to become a fan of multiple foods in the very near future. For now, however, he seems to have some very strong opinions on what he will and will not allow to grace his rapidly changing palette.

It’s ok, Junior. Your mama will be filling you in on all kinds of culinary secrets as you grow up. Take it with love. Chicken nuggets will likely be on the menu very soon.

6 Linda Blair Baby?

Nah….this little one is obviously much cuter than the child star from the movie ‘The Exorcist”, but smeared up peas are not a flattering look on anybody, I guess. I have to say, this little one does appear to be enjoying her healthy greens. Some may have even gotten into her mouth. Looks like mostly finger paints to me though.

Veggies are an important part of any healthy diet, but perhaps we are missing something when it comes to using them for spa treatments? This sweet girl has beautiful skin, even if it is covered in peas.

Hopefully this is not her new norm for eating. Things could get pretty sticky around there if she keeps it up for her first serving of pancakes or French toast. Bananas and peaches could get pretty messy if used as finger paint too. Tough to clean up? Yep. Entertaining? Absolutely!

5 The Pickle Smile

Who doesn’t love a nice crunchy pickle once in a while, right? Well…perhaps this little princess was not quite ready for this particular culinary delight. Her face kind of says it all, doesn’t it? A little bit surprised, and little bit confused. Pickles are definitely a strong taste for tiny mouths.

As much as this baby girl appears to dislike the flavor of her newest delicacy, she definitely appears to be keeping a tight hold on it. She may not be enjoying it, but she is certainly in no hurry to give it back either. Maybe she’s going to give it another try after her face goes back to normal.

So listen up, mamas…if you give your kid a pickle and they like it, you may have enjoyed your last restaurant pickle for the next 5 years or so. Trust me on this one. Once they love the pickles, they want everybody else’s too!!

4 Happy Birthday, Baby

Looks like somebody may be ready for a little nap after their first little birthday cake extravaganza. This little cutie looks like she’s had more than enough of her first delicious birthday cake, and by the look in her eye, she didn’t even share with anybody.

First birthdays are lots of fun, and first foods are definitely a part of the party. There’s something about that first cake though…it just sends that sweetness down to the core of your very soul. I am totally a cake girl myself, so I can absolutely relate to this little one.

Anyway, there is no doubt that she is enjoying her new favorite dessert, and hopefully her tummy was able to handle all of that without any problems. Maybe next time, this precious little angel will be nice enough to share a little bit with her family and friends.

3 The "How Could You" Face

Oh sweet little pumpkin! What are those mean old grown-ups trying to feed you? I’m sorry that you are so very sad. Are those peas that I see in a tiny smear around your little mouth? Big taste for a little girl, huh? Looks like it didn’t sit so well with you.

Peas, spinach, green beans…any one of the culprits could have brought this helpless and sad little face out of this sweet little bundle of joy. She certainly does not look very happy about her current situation.

Perhaps Mom and Dad can give the kid a break and sneak her a little bit of milk to wash down that yucky stuff? Or maybe, just maybe the kiddo is ready to try some fruit or pasta? In any case, it does not look like a second bite of the green stuff is going to go down smoothly.

2 Potato Kisses

Look at this little darling! Looks like he’s blowing mashed potato kisses at his mama. Such a wonderful feeling when our babies are enjoying a new food. Seriously, this mama loves some mashed potatoes too, so I can totally relate.

We just never know what our kiddos are going to love, tolerate, and even hate when it comes to their meals, but I have to say that more times than not, it is a lot of fun finding out which one is which. Whether it is potatoes, squash, chicken, pickles, lemons or cake, the reactions of these little ones are always sure to entertain.

If we play our cards right, hopefully we can start our babies off with a balanced and healthy diet that will benefit them throughout their lives. I think the key to success may be to offer them experience with a lot of healthy foods. On the other hand, some of our kiddos will likely be stuck in chicken nugget land for the next 5 years or so!

1 What Do You Taste Like?

Once again, I’m not quite sure if this one counts as a first food, but it certainly counts as a first taste! Now who is tasting who? That may be something that can be up for debate. How cute is this little pair of buddies? That pup is obviously loving up that little baby, and baby doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

Maybe Mom ran out of baby wipes and the dog is just being helpful? Perhaps this little prince just stole a little snack from the pup and he is gently taking a lick of what he considered to be rightfully his?

Obviously they are both getting a little more than their usual snacks in this adorable pic. Maybe it’s time to pull up a high chair and/or a dog bed and have a little picnic for two. Just too stinkin’ cute for words.

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