Somebody, Please Tell Me To Clean My House

As I type this I'm speeding down the highway (as a passenger) with both kids in the backseat. I should be home, cleaning my apartment and packing. We're moving in about a month, and the days we're able to get a head start on packing are few and far between. My floors could use a good mopping, and there's laundry that needs put away.

The "bad influence" helping me escape my domestic duties is none other than my older sister. To be fair, we're visiting my mom and grandma and extended family for our Easter celebration. Family will trump cleaning for me, every time. I spent my entire Saturday in a cleaning frenzy, so I've earned this outing with my sister and Mom.

This is what I need you to tell me to go do. (Deseret News)

How do you purge? I'm trying to think in terms of "surviving without". What can I survive without having on-hand? I'd prefer to travel light through life; at a certain point, your possessions posess you. Instead of being bogged down by "stuff", I want to reset with a sense of organization and minimalism.

Minimalist Amanda will have only two cups, two bowls, two plates, two mugs, and so on. She'll rotate a set of 15 outfits, max. eventually, Minimalist Amanda will reduce her LUSH stash. (See, this is how you know real-life Amanda is not Minimalist Amanda.)

My stash isn't this big but it feels that way. (/u/uabmorrisart - Reddit)

Apparently Minimalist Amanda doesn't shop at TJ Maxx or Home Goods, or have an obsession with wax warmers. That version of me can practice restraint when staring down a great deal on toddler socks or apple cider scented cleaning supplies. But for real, have you smelled the Mrs. Meyer's seasonal scents? Last fall's spiced cider was everything I always wanted. I hoard Iowa pine at Christmas time. And I just got a shipment of radish-scented hand and dish soaps! I think the reasoning behind spending a bit more to have awesome supplies is to entice me to use them more frequently, yeah? At least that's what I told myself when I bought them.

Instead of packing and cleaning, I'm going to write this to you. I'm going to paint my nails Robin's egg blue. I'm going to go lay down to nap so that my 3-month-old will rouse and demand immediate appeasement. If you were here, maybe we could chat and spend quality time while getting everything sorted. Lord knows my sanity could use the encouragement and the organization. A clean room begets a clean mind and all that.

Many friends make light work. (Powell Gardens)

My mother-in-law said she and her friends had a cleaning circle of sorts. Once a month, they'd get together and complete a house cleaning or renovation project for one another. This kind of community effort to not only encourage one another, but actually step up and assist - that's the kick in the pants that I need to get back to work. I freely admit I can't get this done on my own. Will you tell me to go clean my house, please? Better yet, with you come clean it with me? I'll bring the pizza and beer.

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