My Son Drew On My Face With Markers

This isn't the first time, and it won't be the last. Thank goodness my mom bought Shep Crayola's Ultra Washable markers! These things wipe clean with water and minimal effort, they're a miracle for toddler moms everywhere.

And, yes - you read that right. My son drew on my face with markers. And I let him.

I've also let him paint on sliding glass doors before!

I'll give you pearl-clutchers a moment to catch your breath.

I let my son draw on my face today, and I'll let him do it again someday. It's a simple thing that brings him joy - it's not something he tries to do against my will, because he knows it's a special game. He lets his imagination go wild and I am always surprised by what he draws. Mostly it's just lines and squiggles, but he's made some very intentional "beauty marks" before, and he always does a great job with my lips. Today he gave me pink eyeshadow. The first time he did this, I realized that he was mimicking me. He colored where he sees me applying makeup. What a smart little guy!

When he grabbed the marker and went for my face, I pulled back at first. Did I really want to get dirty? Would all that expensive skincare go down the drain if I let him use a kid's marker on my cheeks? Of course, I'd have to wash it before I ever stepped foot outside.

I'd be the one on the right, in case you were wondering.

But then I realized - who am I kidding? I am not even wearing a bra, and I'm pretty sure this dress was stained when I put it on. It definitely is now - I had a boob leakage issue this morning. That's kind of the point - I already looked like a hot mess. A little marker couldn't hurt.

If it can't hurt me, and it will help him get a giggle - why not? Look, I know - nobody wants to look like a fool all the time. We want to be credible and respected. And yes, I want my kids to mind me. They need to respect me - when I tell them no, they need to listen. I am of the mind that letting my kid color on my face every few months as a sweet game won't do us any harm.

Don't be a party pooper.

You see, while I wrote this article, Shep started hitting the TV with a toy. I told him to stop, but he didn't (right away, at least). So I told him, without moving from my seat, to put himself in timeout. He walked to the corner and put his forehead against the wall, pouting and even welling up a few tears for good measure. We talked about stopping when mama says stop and how to use gentle hands. He listened. When I told him timeout was done, he gave me a hug. And then he asked me for more cheese.

Being rigid is not going to make your child more mindful. It just might kill their creativity, though. All I'm saying is this: let your kid color on your face once. Get the Crayola markers and just give it a try. You might even remind yourself what it was like to be young and silly. Goodness knows, you might even let out a laugh.



Have you ever let your kid make a mess because it was fun for them? Have you joined in? How did you clean up when they were done? Give me more messy ideas @pi3sugarpi3. 

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