I Am Convinced My Son Is Solar Powered Because I Can't Get Him To Eat

Does anybody else have the most impossible time getting their child to eat? I sit here writing this and I seriously have no idea how he is still alive! When he was a baby he would only drink milk. When we started introducing foods he would just spit out everything. He had no interest in fruits or vegetables. He just wanted his milk. He also liked to snack. He would snack on what we call "baby Cheetos" but they are the little Gerber cheesy things that dissolve easily. That is all he would like besides his lovely milk. I just thought he would grow out it of it though. I thought that one day that he would love more food.

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He doesn't eat breakfast in the morning most days. I decided to drop him off at the school early because they provide free breakfast. We have more than enough money to provide him with breakfast but I thought maybe having something different and being around friends would encourage him to eat. Well, nope! He told me that he walked in school, didn't find his friends, and went back outside. My heart broke! Why won't this kid eat? He also never eats lunch either! Every day I ask him what he had for lunch and he tells me that he didn't want to eat. He doesn't eat the hot lunches and then I started packing him lunches from home. Every day he would come home with all of his food in his pouch except for his juice box.

I rarely can even get him to eat dinner. He really likes meat so I can sometimes get him to eat hamburger meat or chicken. We can also get him to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches -only the Smuckers frozen ones though. That is about it and everything else is just snack foods. My husband and I decided to start giving the kids breakfast drinks just so he can get some calories and other nutrients. He is just so tiny now! The doctor said he is healthy and always has said, "he will eat when he is hungry." So his pediatrician isn't worried. I tell people that I am pretty sure that he is just solar powered because I have no idea how he keeps moving!

Anybody have any tips on how to eat food!?

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