10 Space-Inspired Baby Names

Since the beginning of time, we have been fascinated by space. And just by looking up at the night sky, I can understand why. From the planets that surround our sun to other galaxies that are in the universe, there is just something magical about it. We love space so much that we have not only named our planets and galaxies, we also give our babies space-inspired names.

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If you're looking for a special name for your baby, this list is for you. Keep on reading to discover the 10 best space-related names out there to give to your children!

10 Orion

If you look up at the night sky on a clear night, you're able to see the constellation Orion. Orion is also the perfect name for any boy!

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Orion was a celebrated hunter in mythology. By giving your little one this name, it will encourage them to keep their focus on what is important in life and to go after it. Your son can take great comfort in knowing that no matter where he goes in life, he can always look at the night sky and see his constellation and feel a strong connection.

9 Portia

Portia is a beautiful baby girl name that any girl will love. Portia is also the name of one of the moons of Uranus.

Although this name is underused by parents, with only 23 parents using it in 2017, this name is so elegant and will fit your daughter at any stage of her life. Don't make the same mistakes as other parents by overlooking this name! And since the name Portia is underused, you know that your little one will not have to deal with having multiple girls in her grade with her name.

8 Leo

Another amazing constellation name to use for your little boy is the name Leo. Leo is a northern constellation in the sky that is known for having the brightest star in its group. By giving your son this name, it will be a reminder to make sure that he always shines bright, no matter what he does.

Leo is not just a space-inspired baby name but it's also a top pick for parents. Names.org reported that 5,900 parents chose this name for their little one in 2017.

7 Faye

Faye is a lovely name to give to your daughter. Faye is a comet that surrounds Jupiter. Like the comet, Faye is a magical name.

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Faye is also not an overused name and according to Names.org, only 401 parents chose this name for their little girl in 2017. The good news is that the name Faye is slowly becoming more popular over the last five years since parents have discovered how beautiful this name is.

6 Ross

Ross is a dashing name to give to your son if you are looking for a simple, yet classic name.  Ross is also the name of former NASA astronaut Jerry L. Ross who is known for being one of two astronauts who has taken the most spaceflights (Franklin Chang-Diaz is the other astronaut). 

If you give your baby boy the name Ross, it will inspire him to make his life full of adventures. What parent doesn’t want their children to live a full life? Give your little one the name Ross and they will always be inspired.

5 Esther

Esther is a sweet name to give to your little bundle of joy if you are looking for a space-inspired name.

As Names.org says, Esther means "star." When you choose this name for your daughter, you can encourage them to be a star in whichever field they end up working in. This name will encourage your little one to always be their best self and to shine from within. Esther is a great name that over 1,800 parents used for their little one in 2017. Give your daughter the daily reminder to always be herself with the beautiful name Esther.

4 Apollo

Apollo is a unique and strong name to give to any little boy. The name definitely has a background in space. According to Names.org, Apollo refers to light. 

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In 1862, the Apollo asteroid could be seen from Earth. Of course, Apollo is also the famous rocket that took men to the moon. If you and your partner love space, this is the perfect name to select for your little man.

3 Luna

One of the best things to see in the night sky is the moon. Although there are plenty of stars in the sky, there is something about a moon shining down on us that is breathtaking. When you give your daughter the name Luna, it will be a great name that is inspired by the moon.

According to Names.org, in 2017, there were over 3,300 babies born with the name Luna. Every year, more and more parents are selecting this name for their daughter. Give your baby girl the beautiful name Luna.

2 Janus

Saturn is one of the most popular planets in our solar system because of its rings. If you want a baby name that is space-inspired, go for the name Janus which is the name of one of Saturn's many moons.

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Though Janus is not a common name and there are only 1 in 145,000 people with this name in the United States, as reported by Names.org. Janus is still a cool name that any boy would love. This name is perfect because it will suit your son at any stage of his life. So go with an underused name and give your son the name Janus.

1 Astrid

Your little girl will be sure to love her name if you give her the adorable name Astrid. Astrid is known as a rock formation that is in space or is a star.

Since the 1980s, the name Astrid has slowly been being used by more parents with almost 400 girls given this name in 2017. Although Astrid is still not as popular as other space-related names, the name Astrid is a timeless name. Choose a name from the stars and give your little girl the name Astrid.

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