93 Days Of Spring: Educational Curriculum For Toddlers, Part Two

This curriculum is meant to create moments of learning with your toddler and baby throughout the entire springtime season. You can change around days to fit your particular climate or lifestyle, of course! I’ve built this guide as a reminder to incorporate an intentional educational lesson each day.

Continued from Part One

Day 31 - Wash windows with your kids, letting them wipe the windows and spray the hose.

Day 32 - Create a sensory sorting bin with seeds, sand, and a sieve.

Day 33 - Create more seed bombs to give to neighbors after the last frost!

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Day 34 - Rain play dates are more fun when you don’t wear your raincoat and boots.

Day 35 - Plant beans in a recycled egg carton to learn about seeds and roots.

Day 36 - Fill a calm-down water bottle with water, glitter, flowers, beads, gems, and more!

Day 37 - Make sugar cookies with flower-shaped cookie cutters!

Day 38 - Make a rainbow streamer with crepe paper and construction paper.

Day 39 - Paint with watercolors and send spring greetings to grandparents.

Day 40 - Exercise fine motor skills by cutting wire stems to fit inside a small mouth bottle.

Day 41 - Use apples, grapes, raisins, and more to create food-based flower sculptures.

Day 42 - Finger paints are perfect for making rainbows on rainy days!

Day 43 - Use cotton balls and glue to make an extra fluffy sheep & baby lamb.

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Day 44 - Free printables make matching games with mommy animals with babies a snap!

Day 45 - Toss short strands of yarn onto shrubs to help birds build their nests.

Day 46 - Sort twigs from your lawn into piles of big and little sticks.

Day 47 - Buy a bunch of white carnations and dip their stems into food coloring and water!

Day 48 - Practice naming colors by making wonder dough with craft paint and cornstarch.

Day 49 - Use the bottom of a 20-ounce soda bottle to create flower prints with paint!

Day 50 - Small shower poufs make great sponges for painting pretty butterflies!

Day 51 - Build fine motor skills by stacking halves of easter eggs into individual colors.

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Day 52 - Fill a plastic bag with hair gel and flowers to make a sensory bag safe for babies!

Day 53 - Wrap butcher paper around a tree and give kids chalk to make bark rubbings.

Day 54 - Make edible playdough with Peeps candy, flour, and shortening. Great for babies!

Day 55 - Use construction paper and streamers to make DIY windsocks.

Day 56 - Spend rainy spring days jumping from pillow to pillow on a maze in your house!

Day 57 - Paint a fork as a stamp to create tulips on finger-painted stems.

Day 58 - Glue half of a paper plate to another plate; make a garden for paper carrots.

Day 59 - Car-friendly “wacky sacks” are a hit with littles - balloons filled with playdough.

Day 60 - Build a marshmallow shooter with a toilet paper tube with a balloon on one end.

Day 61 - Make music with rain sticks from paper towel tubes and aluminum foil!

Day 62 - Rainy days mean indoor “spy days” with yarn “laser mazes” in the house.

Day 63 - Create a rainbow water bottle wind catcher by cutting bottles into spirals.

Day 64 - Stay dry by practicing your jumping indoors with construction paper puddles.

Day 65 - Turn an umbrella upside down to create a landing spot for a bean bag toss.

Day 66 - Fill your bird feeders together and practice birdwatching during quiet time.

Day 67 - Use a turkey baster, cups, and colored water to practice fine motor skills.

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Day 68 - String yarn through a basket to drag it along the lawn and pick up hidden toys.

Day 69 - Blow up white balloons and turn on a box fan to learn about wind and clouds!

Day 70 - Who says a slip & slide is only for summer fun? Use yours in the rain!

Day 71 - Experiment with household items - what does rain do to salt, sugar, or flour?

Day 72 - Listen to the music of raindrops by placing metal baking pans outside in a storm.

Day 73 - Build an obstacle outside with foam pool noodles and hula hoops!

Day 74 - Collect rainwater and race to transfer all of it to a bucket with a sponge.

Day 75 - Establish your own “mud cafe” with a menu of mud meals in the sandbox.

Day 76 - Mix corn syrup, dish soap, and water to create a bubble solution.

Day 77 - Pick edible flowers and freeze them in ice cubes for pretty spring drinks!

Day 78 - Make mud angels! Plan a bath immediately afterward (or hose them down).

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Day 79 - Bury flower beads and sequins in a bowl of Jello and dig them out after it sets.

Day 80 - Spend a warm night outside in a tent!

Day 81 - Use rainwater to wet sidewalk chalk and draw on black construction paper.

Day 82 - Pull weeds from your garden and sort them into big and little piles.

Day 83 - Fill squeeze bottles with colored sand, then “paint” on your sidewalk for cool art!

Day 84 - Use a rain-covered slide to race boats made of ice, toothpicks, and paper sails.

Day 85 - Find a way to step over those puddles while staying dry - bricks, planks, or tarps.

Day 86 - Thread leaves onto a piece of yarn and hang it over your door as a spring garland.

Day 87 - Fine tune those gross motor skills with a backyard balance beam (on the ground).

Day 88 - Build a lean-to with a tarp and listen to the rain fall around you.

Day 89 - Mix equal parts flour, salt, and water to make puffy sidewalk paint.

Day 90 - Tape up contact paper (sticky side out) to create a collage of nature items!

Day 91 - Visit a local petting zoo to see the new baby animals!

Day 92 - Make pine cone bird feeders by rolling them in peanut butter and then birdseed.

Day 93 - Roll into summer by rolling down a hill (even if it’s raining!)


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