93 Days Of Spring: Educational Curriculum For Toddlers

This curriculum is meant to create moments of learning with your toddler and baby throughout the entire springtime season. You can change around days to fit your particular climate or lifestyle, of course! I’ve built this guide as a reminder to incorporate an intentional educational lesson each day. Babies absorb everything around them like sponges; toddlers are more eager and able to learn more than we give them credit for! I built my own kids’ curriculum around the spring season and our time spent outdoors. Perhaps you have a family or cultural tradition that could provide a thematic foundation for your own activities!

Day 1 - Build a garden bed together - compare the soil to a blanket for the seeds!

Day 2 - Create wildflowers seed bombs from leftover garden supplies.

Day 3 - Spread those seed bombs in your own neighborhood!

Try a seed bomb! Via Uber Gardener

Day 4 - Paint rocks to decorate your flowerbed.

Day 5 - Collect rainwater and “paint” with it on construction paper.

Day 6 - Practice naming colors on an outdoor walk as you see flowers and plants.

Day 7 - Press parts of a flower or leaves into playdough for sensory hands-on play.

Day 8 - Use clear Contact paper to create a suncatcher by pressing flower petals.

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Day 9 - Cut flowers from coffee filters, drop liquid watercolor to create tie-dye art.

Day 10 - Jump into spring cleaning by giving your toddler their own bucket and sponge!

Day 11 - Build fine motor skills by filling plastic colander holes with faux flower stems.

Day 12 - Use gems, sequins, and faux leaves to decorate playdough flowers.

Pretty play dough flowers! Via DIY Network

Day 13 - Get messy with mud pies!

Day 14 - Give your toys a bath in the puddles outside (and then one in the tub!).

Day 15 - Print 8 pictures of springtime & 8 of winter - practice sorting between the two.

Day 16 - Grab carrots with stems & add them to a dirt-filled sensory bin for planting!

Day 17 - Older toddlers stay busy with a DIY seed sorting tray as your prep your garden.

Day 18 - Make a paper caterpillar with small matching dots for color matching play!

Day 19 - Wiggle all day - crawl like a caterpillar, fly like a butterfly, buzz like a bee.

Day 20 - Spend a warm day outside with sidewalk chalk - let the rain wash it away.

Day 21 - Try quiet play with felt cutouts in the shape of flower petals, stems, and leaves.

Day 22 - Rainy days inside mean finger “painting” in a pile of shaving cream on your table!

Day 23 - Spring walks are a perfect chance for a scavenger hunt - make a photo list!

Spring walks are great adventures! Via Twitter, Burghead Primary

Day 24 - Create egg shakers with simple beans or rice and plastic eggs. Make music!

Day 25 - Paint flower pots to prep your garden or front porch for the season. 

Day 26 - Leave painted rocks at your local park!

Day 27 - Plant bulbs in your garden - force one to root in a clear jar of water for science.

Day 28 - Fill a kiddie pool with rainwater during the day and turn it into a water table!

Day 29 - Read Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs? By Karen Katz

Day 30 - Make flower and goop cupcakes with cornstarch, water, and dandelions or petals!

See Part Two: the next 63 days of spring-themed curriculum for toddlers!


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