Sprout Foods Teams Up With Partnership For A Healthier America

Their aim is to instill the value of vegetables at a young age - teaching little ones to crave vegetables in lieu of sweets.  Not an easy task, but the motivation is powerful. Rick Klauser, CEO of Sprout Foods, reveals that 18 percent of babies under the age of one are already obese.

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Klauser explains that exposing babies to fruits and vegetables prior to their first birthday provide a lot of benefit- including time maturing in the womb, improving the palette, and develop dietary preferences. With parents guiding them to enjoy certain foods, a baby's health outcome may dramatically change for the better

Sprout Foods aspires to collaborate with parents in order to facilitate the process, ultimately lessening the encumbrance of enticing infants to eat their veggies. Their plan is a commitment to ensure that 50 percent of their pouch purees have some sort of vegetable as the first ingredient, and that they continue to be free from added sugar, concentrates additives, and preservatives.

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Numerous pouch purees that are currently available to the consumer are predominantly fruit, even if a vegetable is listed as the premier ingredient on the front of the package. The lure of broccoli as the fundamental staple may in fact be misleading. U.S. manufactures aren't obligated to adhere to regulations that state the order of ingredients reflect the order in which they're used. Listing a vegetable or premium ingredient first on the pouch doesn't reflect the formula's highest concentration.

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Raising this awareness will be a monumental move. Sprouts' partnership with PHA will create the buzz needed to institute change, which may help in creating an incentive for other companies to model their process. Sprout Foods has been recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) for their commitment to clean and organic ingredients, outstanding flavor, and their innovation within sustainable protein sources.

When it comes to healthy eating and combating obesity, such a thing truly is a family affair because proper nutrition begins at home. Parents play a powerful role in teaching their kids to have a smart and healthy relationship with food. With Sprout Foods expanding their portfolio, it will further supports this premise with the launch of veggie snacks for bigger kids and parents so that the entire family could eat clean and simple.



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