10 Star Wars-Inspired Baby Names All Fans Will Love

Has there ever been a more exciting time to be a Star Wars fan?! Between anticipation for Disneyland to open its Star Wars land, Galaxy's Edge, and the release of the new movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it's a pretty thrilling time. And for expecting parents, it may be a bit more exciting as they contemplate fun baby names for their impending little one.

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Sure, names such as Luke and Leia are popular go-to Star Wars names, but there are so many other spunky and unique monikers from the epic franchise. We rounded up some of the best names for new babies that all fans will immediately love.

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10 Walker

Walker, as in Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker, is a shortened version that's so hip and unique. How many Walkers have you met in your lifetime? Exactly. This is a perfect way to incorporate your love of Star Wars with a trendy, timeless baby name that isn't overused. 

Of course, everyone knows of Luke and Anakin, but what about Walker, Texas Ranger? Chuck Norris plays the lead character in this well-discussed show and everyone knows just how cool he is. Basically, Walker is a win-win baby name!

9 Finn

This makes for a really cute baby boy name as Finn, also known as FN-2187, leaves a lasting impression in the movies. The name Finn also has an Irish origin meaning "fair," but don't let this hold you back from using this super sweet Star Wars-inspired name!

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Finn was also a mythical warrior who helped protect the king. Between the Irish history and legendary Star Wars character, this hip baby name is perfect for all fans.

8 Wren

Ms. Wren makes an appearance in the animated series Star Wars Rebels. While the character may be a tough warrior, this is a delicate name perfect for a sweet new baby girl. Of course, its meaning is associated with the little songbird, which only makes it that much cuter. The name Wren is also not commonly heard and is used often as a middle name, according to Nameberry. While most people do think of the little bird as being the influence for this feminine name, it's the perfect way for dedicated Star Wars fans to name their baby after a character without being too obvious.

7 Lars

Owen Lars, farmer and uncle to Luke Skywalker, has a great name for both a Star Wars character and for a new baby. Lars is a great name for a cool guy and comes with a pretty sweet origin as well. Its Scandinavian roots mean "crowned with laurel," with laurel being a shrub with glossy leaves.

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This makes for a pretty cute newborn photoshoot with a baby Lars literally being crowned with leaves as his name suggests. Of course, it's also a trendy and uncommon name for fans to use as well.

6 Owen

As just mentioned, Owen Lars has the perfect name. Not only is his last name pretty epic, but his first name is as well! Owen is a cute and simple boys name that is a bit more common than Lars, but still not overused today. According to Nameberry, this name is used for both boys and girls, which only adds to its awesomeness.

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The name comes from a Welsh background meaning "young warrior" or "noble." According to Babycenter, the name is growing in popularity but is still not as common as some names. It's definitely a great name for any expecting Star Wars fans to consider!

5 Rebel

As any avid watcher of Star Wars knows, Rebel is a common word throughout the movies. There's the Rebel Alliance and the animated series Star Wars Rebels, so of course, this name is pretty epic. Rebel may seem like an intense name for a baby girl, but it's actually very trendy and does not need to have the connotation of rebellion. In fact, actress Rebel Wilson is hilarious and does not personify a "rebel" who resists authority. Have no fear, Star Wars fans, in using this super sweet name for your baby girl!

4 Sabine

As previously mentioned, Wren makes for a great baby name. The character Sabine Wren has a great first name as well, as Sabine is so strong, yet feminine. According to Nameberry, Sabine has French and German origins and is a version of the name "Sabina." In Latin, the name has a more straightforward meaning of "a member of the Italian people called Sabines." Of course, most people won't be associating this pretty baby name with any ancient meanings as the Star Wars origin is pretty grand in itself.

3 Eisley

Mos Eisley is another fun and interesting name from the Star Wars franchise. This time, though, instead of being a character, Mos Eisley is a place. It may not be the most reputable place but does make for a cute baby name. As a baby name, Eisley means "cheerful," which negates any bad connotation from the movies.

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It's a cute way for parents to name their baby girl a Star Wars-inspired name without using some of the more common characters' monikers.

2 Rey

While the name "Ray" may often be thought of as a boy name, Rey is a female character in the Star Wars franchise. Rey may label herself a "nobody" in the film, but fans have speculated this character may be Luke's daughter as she makes quite the impression on the audience.

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The name "Rey" has Latin and Spanish origins meaning "royal" and "king," respectively. These origins give this short, but sweet baby name some real power. Perhaps the meaning of the name is what has some fans speculating at Rey's heritage?

1 Lucas

All fans are familiar with who George Lucas is, or at least should be! The creator of the Star Wars franchise has a great, timeless name himself. While the classic name George may not be what some parents are looking for when naming their baby in 2019, the name Lucas is perfect for fans to use. What makes this name an even better choice is the fact the "Luke" can be used as a nickname. Naming your child after both George Lucas and Luke Skywalker is the epitome of Stars Wars fandom.

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