Starbucks Barista Makes Breastfeeding Mom's Day! Yay!

Personally, I am addicted to Starbucks and know many others who are as well. Well this just one more reason why Starbucks barista's truly rock! One barista in Ottawa make one mom's day with an awesome act of kindness. 

Julia Wykes was in line with her 5 month old son when he started to get fussy, so she began to nurse him. Another customer approached the young male barista at the counter and said loudly "Could you get that woman to stop doing that in public? It is disgusting." The young male barista immediately went to Julia, and apologized loudly for the rude customer and said "And here's a voucher for a free drink next time you're in here, I am so sorry that you had to deal with such unpleasantness today," he told Wykes.

" I had heard of women being harassed or told to cover up, but I honestly didn't think it would happen in such a liberal city as Ottawa," Wykes tells Yahoo Canada. "Also, as I have lived and worked in Central and South American and West Africa, I have been exposed to public breastfeeding as the norm, rather than the exception. It was a real shock to hear someone be so upset by breastfeeding." "Also, I believe you would have had to have been staring at me to know that I was nursing and not just cradling my baby," she adds.

Although she understands that not everyone will be ok with breastfeeding in public, the best part was that someone was there for her to reassure her and stand for her. 

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