This Starbucks-Inspired Cake Photoshoot Is The Cutest Thing Ever

A professional photographer decided to do a Starbucks photoshoot for a sweet little one year old doing a smash cake.

Smash cake photoshoots have become very popular and people are starting to get very creative with the photoshoot. A smash cake photo shoot is known for the cake that little baby gets on their first birthday! Not only are parents getting more creative with their smash cake decor and cake designs, but parents are also starting to hire professional photographers to capture the precious moments of the baby's first time eating into their birthday cake.

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Lynn Puzzo, a professional photographer, loves Starbucks. She decided that she wanted to do a smash cake photo shoot inspired by Starbucks. First, she found the most adorable little model baby. She found a sweet little girl named Aria. Then Puzzo created her photo set. She gathered a whole bunch of Starbucks merchandise and decorated the background in everything Starbucks. Then Puzzo got Aria a Starbucks fangirl outfit that she could wear during the photoshoot. She also got some gold, white and green balloons matching the Starbucks colors.


Puzzo said that she got hooked on Starbucks about three years ago. Before her friend introduced her to Starbucks coffee she wasn't even drinking caffeine. She would go and get the double chocolate chip frappucino, but that doesn't even have coffee in it. She then started adding coffee drinks and she fell in love. She claims that it has now turned into an obsession.

The cake that Aria ate doesn't have coffee in it! Puzzo wanted to make sure that people knew that before they tried to accuse her of feeding a baby a coffee drink. The cake is just chocolate and she went to town on the wonderful cake. Puzzo said that her favorite part about the entire photo shoot was when Aria stopped using her hands and put her face right into the cake! Puzzo said that she and Aria's mother were laughing throughout the entire photo shoot and it was amazing. Aria's mother said, "she is the happiest baby and she is so expressive."

Puzzo said that the Starbucks photoshoot was definitely the first time she had done something like this. She realized that she really liked doing a food theme. She has some great ideas on watermelon and peach themed soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us, and happy birthday baby Aria!

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