State Trooper Helps Laboring Mother In Speeding Van Deliver Her Baby On The Side Of The Highway

State Trooper in Wake County thankfully jumped into action and was able to deliver a baby on the side of the highway.

Via ABC News

Sgt. Brian Maynard left his family to go to work. While he was driving down the highway he noticed a vehicle that was driving really fast. He saw a couple and he assumed they were going roughly around 85 miles per hour. As an officer he assumed there was something extremely wrong, or they were just simply speeding.

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Sgt. Maynard pulled over the couple while they were exiting off of the ramp. The soon to be parents, Jimmy and Laura Baker were in the vehicle. Jimmy told Maynard that his wife was about to have a baby and that they weren't quite sure if they were going to make it to the hospital. That is when Sgt. Maynard told Jimmy and they were going to have to delivery the baby together.

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Jimmy and Laura were very happy that they were pulled over by Sgt. Maynard. The Sgt called EMS and Maynard started coaching Laura through the process. He grabbed his gloves and blankets. He said that he wasn't quite sure how to deliver the baby, but he was trying to think about all of the things that he had learned from watching television shows.

Laura did awesome and she was able to deliver a sweet little baby girl with the help of her husband and Sgt. Maynard. The entire experience was caught on his dash cam on his police vehicle. The couple named their little girl Halyn Baker and she is doing perfect. Laura and little baby Halyn were taken to the nearby hospital to make sure that they were both doing healthy. They stayed in the hospital for a couple of days to be monitored and then they were able to return home.

Via ABC News

Sgt. Maynard really was at the right place at the right time. He said he was very blessed and even lucky to have been able to go and have the opportunity. He just was happy that both mom and baby were doing great. He went back to visit mom and the baby in the hospital. Laura handed her little girl to Maynard and he was able to see the little healthy baby girl.

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