10 Things SAHMs Deal With More Than Other Parents

Being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) is something that many people take great pride in. They are always there to keep their children safe and entertained while trying to keep the house under control.

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Some people think that being a SAHM is easy, but that is far from the truth. These moms are the ones who are the first responders to all of their children’s needs throughout the day. SAHMs have to deal with all of the aspects of raising a child all of the time. Keep reading to discover the top things that SAHMs deals with more than other parents do.

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10 Baby Talk Is In All Of Your Conversations

Any parent knows that the best way to talk to your baby is in baby talk. Yep, that means in your high-pitched voice while using small and made-up words to make a baby smile. Parents that don’t stay home get to leave the baby talk behind and go to work and have actual adult conversations.

Since SAHMs are always with their children, it can be difficult for their brain to switch off the baby talk and have a real conversation. So next time you are out and about, don’t feel bad about using baby words when talking to your friends because we’ve all been there.

9 You Have No Alone Time

Once you have a baby, having alone time gets even harder. That’s why many parents love their commute to work after a baby arrives to get some free time and be able to think. A SAHM doesn’t get that luxury since their job is to take care of their baby and the house.

Even after their partner comes home, a SAHM is still with and taking care of their child. SAHMs don’t get to have alone time when they want or even at all—they can’t even go to the bathroom alone without little hands making their way under the door.

8 Cleaning Is Your Hobby

It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning the house or cleaning up a mess baby made—SAHMs are constantly cleaning something. Babies are messy in everything that they do. Just having a small snack time could lead to a bunch of food on the highchair floors for mom to clean up.

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You can’t even put your baby down for naptime to have a break because you remember that everything in the living room was pulled off the shelves and you need to place everything back. Cleaning might not be Mom’s favorite thing to do, but it is necessary to keep the house clean and keep the baby safe.

7 You Know All Of The Children's Programs

Sometimes being a SAHM means spending time with the baby and watching the children's programming on TV. It’s great that babies are watching educational programs for many developmental reasons, but sometimes Moms can’t help but enjoy them too.

SAHMs know not only the channel of certain programs but also when they air throughout the day. You have even become so invested in the show that you know all of the characters by name and can pick them out when they are on display in a store. So don’t feel bad if you continue watching the programs after your child leaves the room because we all have done that!

6 You Feel Like A Waiter Your Whole Day

Sometimes being a parent can feel like you are constantly waiting on someone. From the time your child rises and the time they go to bed, you are there to help provide them with anything they need.

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Your mornings include making breakfast and helping the kids get ready for their day. Then it’s the constant stream of them asking for drinks and snacks until lunch, and then the streak continues after dinner until bedtime. Just keep your head up during this stage of their life, and remember that one day they will be able to do this on their own.

5 You Deal With All Of The Temper Tantrums

Dealing with temper tantrums is the most difficult thing a SAHM handles on a daily basis. The worst part is that they can come out of nowhere and can be about anything! If Mom takes too long to get a snack or drink, a tantrum can occur.

Even when you are protecting your child from harming themselves, a temper tantrum can happen for you not letting them get their way. Stay calm during the next temper tantrum and just wait for their little smile to come back to make things feel better.

4 Praising Your Baby Means A Constant Stream Of Appreciation

The best way to encourage good behavior is to praise someone, but a SAHM definitely does this more than parents that have a job. Moms praise their children for anything. This could be for using the bathroom, eating a meal, or even when they don’t know what else to say when their child shows them something they made.

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It could even feel at times that you just want to record yourself saying “good job” so you can play it when needed. A SAHM needs to remember that, while it can annoy you that you are constantly saying the same things, your baby is going to grow up fast, so enjoy this time while you can.

3 You Always Have Your Teacher Hat On

A SAHM knows that you have to wear many hats throughout the day, but the one “hat” you seem to always have on is your “teacher hat.” Moms must be able to think of a way to fill up their baby’s day every day. This means you are always looking for crafts and activities that will help your baby grow.

SAHMs even take their babies to museums and libraries so they can teach their little ones new things. As your baby grows up, you will discover that your “teacher hat” doesn’t go away, but the “subjects” you teach them about changes as they grow.

2 Diaper Duty Is Always On You

The one aspect that keeps parents bickering—especially in the middle of the night—is the daunting question of who is going to change the diaper. If both parents work, it is likely that you put your baby in a daycare or hire a nanny. Either way, you get an 8-hour time frame that gives you a break from changing diapers.

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SAHMs don’t have that option. If the baby needs to be changed, it's on them to do it. Day in and day out, moms have to do the dirty work to make sure their babies are clean.

1 You Get To See All Of Their Smiles

Being a SAHM can be stressful, and it can even feel like you have to manage everything that comes to the house and baby. But there are also positive things about being a SAHM.

If you are able to stay with your baby all day, you get to enjoy all the good times that come with raising a child. Moms get to see all of the smiles and laughs that their baby experiences in a day. So next time you are stressed out, look at your precious baby’s smile, and that will make everything worth it.

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