10 Ways To Stay Cool And Beat The Heat With A Newborn

Congratulations! Your beautiful bundle of joy has arrived! Unfortunately, so has the sweltering heat of summer. Summer is a wonderful time where we can enjoy the great outdoors, have fun splashing in pools, and bask in the glorious sunshine. For babies, however, summer can bring the risk of overheating, as they do not yet have the ability to regulate their body temperatures. It is very important to take the proper precautions to ensure your baby does not overheat in the summertime.

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So then, what does that mean for you? Are you stuck inside, hiding in the cool basement for the summer? No way! There are lots of ways to enjoy the summer with your new baby, while keeping them cool and comfortable. Here are 10 ways to beat the heat and enjoy summer with your newborn.

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10 Head to the Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are almost always air conditioned, providing cool relief from that intense heat. Pop your baby into the stroller, grab yourself an iced coffee, and enjoy strolling through the mall. Babies often enjoy the lights and sounds of shopping centers, this is exciting stimuli for them. It also gets you out of the house for a little while, allows you an opportunity to pick up any needed items, and helps to pass the time during the hottest points in the day.

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Have your diaper bag stocked with any necessities—diapers, wipes, change of clothes, bottle, snacks if your baby is eating solids, etc. Bring some little toys that can strap on to the front of the stroller as well, those are always entertaining for them as you wander through the mall.

9 Hang Heat-absorbing Drapes in the Baby's Nursery

Depending on how much light your baby's room gets during the day, you might want to hang some heat-absorbing blinds in their room, to help keep the room a bit cooler. A cheap alternative to new blinds is just hanging a dark blanket or towel over their window. This helps to cut down on the heat coming in, and also keeps the room darker during those long summer nights, making it easier for baby to sleep.

If it is not too hot outside, try opening the window in your baby's room to let the breeze come through. Having fresh air pass through is a great way to keep the temperature down and the air feeling fresh and cool in their room. However, if it's just too hot outside to do that, hanging the blanket or blinds over the windows should help to cool things down.

8 Give Baby A Lukewarm Bath

Baths are a great way to help regulate your baby's temperature. You don't want to make the water too cool so they catch a chill, but a nice lukewarm bath in the evening can help to cool their inner temperature down, and it makes them more comfortable and ready for sleep. Let them play in the bath for a while, enjoying the water and cooling their bodies at the same time.

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After their bath, dress your baby in light cotton pajamas and/or a light sleep sack for bedtime. You don't want to have them without something on, as they could possibly catch a chill during the night. But having a light pair of pyjamas will keep them comfortable and cool throughout the night.

7 Visit Your Local Pool

This is a great time to introduce your little one to water! Some babies love water right away, while others tend to be more nervous around water. Either way, you want your baby to get used to water eventually, and this is a great time to start!

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Take them to the local pool or splash pad, preferably one with some shade. Head into the pool with your baby, and let them get used to splashing in the water. It's a wonderful way to cool them down, and they will love being carried in the water by Mom or Dad! There are also lots of water toys and floaties that are geared to babies, just make sure if your baby is floating in one that you remain within arm's reach of them.

6 Set Up A Sprinkler

Everyone loves a good ol' fashioned sprinkler! Set up the sprinkler in your yard, and set your baby up near it, so they can play and explore the water. If they are sitting up and crawling, then give them some cups and toys to play with in the sprinkler, and they'll love it!

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If your baby is able to stand, set up a little water table for them to play at. This could be as simple as using a large bin filled with water and some plastic kitchen utensils like measuring cups and bowls. Your baby will love experimenting with water, and it will help them to keep cool at the same time.

5 Go Out During "Off-hours"

During the heat of the summer, sometimes the best way to get outdoors is to do so during "off hours", those times in the day where the sun is not quite as intense. Set out for an early morning stroll with your baby, before the sun's rays become too unbearable.

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Or, if the evening is a better time for you, wait until after dinner when the heat of the day is starting to fade, and head outside then. It is easier to keep your baby cool during these times, and sometimes you can even luck out and there will be a soft breeze blowing. Take your baby for a stroll, or just enjoy sitting outside in the cooler air.

4 Visit Your Local Library

Libraries are another place that are almost always air conditioned, and many local libraries have kids' programs running in the summer. Attend a Mother Goose story-time session, or a baby and mom craft afternoon. Pick out a favorite book, find a comfortable spot, and read your little one a story.

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Most libraries have websites that you can access to find out what programs they are offering and when. Check out your local library's website to find something fun for you and your baby to do together. Even better if the library is within walking distance. Set up the sun visor on the stroller and head on down to the library for a relaxing way to stay cool!

3 Go For A Drive

This idea comes in handy when the heat of the summer is just unbearable but you're going crazy from being stuck inside. Turn on your car's air conditioning, drive through your favorite local coffee place and grab an iced coffee, and go for a peaceful drive. Run a few errands if it's not too sweltering hot, but more than anything, just enjoy going for a drive.

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If your baby isn't one who enjoys car rides, this may not be the best option. But many babies find car rides enjoyable and relaxing. Head on out to the countryside for a relaxing drive away from the hustle and bustle—and heat—of the city. Your baby will likely be snoozing by the time you get home.

2 Visit a Park

Depending on where you live, this can prove to be a bit of a challenge. However, if you're lucky enough to have some nice parks nearby with large trees for shade, this can be a fun thing to do in the summer. As long as it's not too blistering hot out, take your baby out to the park for a bit.

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Bring a blanket for them to lie on under a shade-providing tree, and just let them take in the sights, sounds, and smells of summer. Bring your book and relax under the tree with them. Explore the park, go for a swing, and enjoy some fun time together.

1 Have a Fan in the Baby's Room

While you don't want to have a fan pointed directly at your baby's crib, having a fan running on low in their room can help to keep the air circulating around the room, keeping the temperature lower.

Set up a standing oscillating fan and point it toward the wall in your nursery. Set it on low to help keep the airflow moving in the room. If possible, leave your baby's door open as well, to keep that air moving which will help to keep the room cooler.

Enjoy the glorious days of summer with your wonderful new baby, and use these tips to beat the heat together!

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