Stay At Home Mom Asks If She Should Be Paid For Raising Children

The hardest job in the world is being a mom, and one mother wants to be compensated for it.

In a Reddit post, user SillySpeaker2 says she gave up her employment four years ago so she could raise a family. She and her husband have a one and a half-year-old together, and according to her, there weren't any issues with her decision to be a homemaker until the baby arrived. It's normal for the stress of raising a small human can cause a bit of strain on a relationship, but it wasn't child-rearing that's causing the marital issues here. The mom says she feels trapped as her husband controls the finances, and requires her to call and speak about purchases that add up to $150 in a day.

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Now, she's tired of asking for permission and wants to ask for a payment for her work. Inspired by her sister, who did something similar, her suggestion would see her paid a similar rate as a nanny.


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"Essentially she gets 'paid' a few thousand every month to spend on whatever she wants," writes SillySpeaker2. "Right now she says she gets about $3,500 a month because that's how much it would cost them to hire an outside nanny where they live."

She acknowledges that the rates are a little cheaper where she lives, so she wouldn't ask for that much money. In her eyes, it would be a way to avoid fights every time she buys some makeup when she's out, but Reddit seems split on the idea. Many Redditors pointed out that the conversation for $150 plus purchases isn't really a restriction, as much as it's a courtesy to your partner, as it's a bigger purchase that could require some planning ahead of time. Others said that it might not be the worst thing for SillySpeaker2 to have a talk with her husband about how she feels.

This is a tricky discussion to open up, and it really depends on how much the partner is earning. According to the poster, her husband is bringing decent money, but she doesn't give specifics. Running large purchases by your significant other — especially if you're sharing an account — is pretty common. Still, being a stay at home mom is a thankless job that does not come with a paycheck every other week, so there needs to be some flexibility when it comes to small splurges. Hopefully, if she does discuss her feelings regarding finances with her husband, SillySpeaker2 can do so in a more planned out way than her Reddit post that didn't seem to go over very well.


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