I Stay Up Late Every Night Even Though I Know I'll Be Tired In The Morning

My days are long and hard. I am cleaning, doing laundry, and taking care of my four children all day long. Only one of my kids is in school and so it is a lot of work. I also have a job where I work from home. All of my duties keep me pretty busy. There are some days that I am so exhausted that I can't even see straight. Every once in awhile I pass out if my two youngest fall asleep at the same time. I am tired most of my life, but every single night I refuse to go to bed early.

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Since my oldest boys are 4 and 5 years old and I work from home I never actually get to talk to grown-ups during the day. I am always really excited for when my husband comes home but my kids are also just equally as excited. They want to talk to him just as much as I do. They want him to play and have fun with them.  Therefore, my husband and I don't get to talk at all. If I do start a story I just end up getting frustrated because my children just interrupt me a million times or it is just so loud we can't even hear each other.

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We get the kids to bed by 8:30 every single night and we stay up until midnight every single night. Our relationship would probably really struggle if we didn't get that time. My hubby and I have a great marriage even through the chaos of four children 5 and under.

We get to watch ridiculous reality shows and make fun of how silly people are in the world. We get to catch up on sports games and eat junk food that we are hiding from the children. Sometimes we don't even do stuff together. He gets to play computer games with his friends while I take a bath and mindlessly waste my time on my phone. Every single night we get 3 1/2 hours without children asking for a million favours. Those hours each night are how I recharge as a human.

Yes, we both know we are going to be tired in the morning. We know that we will sometimes have to fight to stay awake but neither of us will ever change it! We need those hours at night. We love our children more than anything and would do anything for them but sometimes you get lost in parenthood. You need to remember that you are a human outside of being a parent. We found that it is important for us both personally and for our relationship to sacrifice our sleep to be able to have that time without our little humans.

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