Staying Sexy Throughout Pregnancy

Yes I am putting the words pregnancy and sexy in the same sentence! At a time when you're probably trying not to throw up, eating everything in sight, feeling bloated, tired and gassy--there's still hope to keep your sex appeal, if you want to. Trust me, I spent the first 8 months of my FOURTH pregnancy as Mrs. Arizona USA and was expected to keep up with appearances, galas and even do a bathing suit photo shoot all with my growing bump. 

If I can do it, you can too! We've all seen the recent pregnant celebrity photos that make us think “How the heck?” yet these seemingly perfect pregnant bodies create beautiful little beings without showing the reality of the all too common pregnancy woes, like weight gain, swollen feet, constipation… Do I need to go on? No, you have enough of that going on I'm sure. You also don't need to do anything but pamper and treat your body well in the process.

Just think how right now your body is creating another life, so consider pregnancy in this way, our human biology gives us the urges of sexual expression in order to procreate and help carry on our species. So, since you successfully attracted a mate, mated and are currently developing another human being, why should you give into a cultural stigma that pregnancy is anything but sexy? 

I can't even begin to tell you how many men find pregnant women sexy. Sexuality stems back through our primitive ancestors as a major benefit to the survival of our species. Just as women have evolved to seek mates who are great hunter/gathers or, as we may now say, financially good providers, men have also evolved to seek women with childbearing capabilities. Hello Preggo! You're a walking billboard of your procreation capabilities. 

No need to hide that belly let's take a look at some easy, healthy ways to stay feeling sexy during a very special time in your life.

7 Confidence is Key

Confidence, confidence, confidence! Who is not turned on by a spouse or mate who exudes just the right amount of confidence? Being confident about your growing bump is the first step towards regaining or keeping your feelings of being sexy during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing regardless of how much you show or where your body chooses to show it. Without confidence the remaining steps would still be beneficial, but wouldn't help nearly as much when you find it in yourself to wear your pregnancy with pride of for all to see. If body image is an area you struggle with, as it is all to often among women, try everyday pointing out something you like about your body in the mirror. 

Remember, head up, smile wide and feel good about yourself

You can also write down the beautiful changes you find in your pregnant body in a pregnancy journal. There's no correct size or shape for any woman’s body, pregnant or not, so be proud of your uniqueness and understand that each pregnancy is different so you may not feel the same as you did during an earlier pregnancy or think you carry the weight as well as an girl friend. 

You're creating a miracle to surely be proud of. Don't compare yourself to the pregnant supermodels. They don't represent the size and shape of our population and are usually well photo shopped before their pictures go to print. Be confident because the remaining points will be much easier to attain and the only thing keeping you from feeling confident and sexy with your pregnancy, is you.

6 Learn to Dress for that Expanding Belly

During my first pregnancy I was so excited that I ran out and bought all of these “cute” maternity clothes. Much of what I bought was online, clothing where those super tall, super skinny maternity models looked fabulous in. My 5’4” stature sure showed all 40 pounds I had gained in those maternity outfits and I quickly became disgusted with my appearance. 

What I realized was, it wasn't the way I was carrying that was the problem, it was that I expected the same result as what I saw those other women wearing. Going and trying on clothes is the key here to keeping any sense of your sexy self during pregnancy. To my amazement many of the same styles or looks I wore before getting pregnant were what made me feel great while pregnant. 

The tighter fitting tops and shorter tops made me not look as short and wide. Not all of the clothing I wear while pregnant is maternity either! Do yourself a favor and go through what you already have and feel sexy in, try to stick with a similar style with articles that can cover your bump as it grows. 

Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself

You will likely need a larger bra or a bra expander so putting forth a little expense early will not only keep you better supported but also limit the days of frantically trying to throw on anything you can find that fits. Give yourself a few extra minutes to get dressed each day as you progress, expecting that what looked cute at 3 months may not work at month 5 and certainly will not cover much of anything by month 8. 

Also pre-planning some of your pregnancy outfits will help you feel accomplished and sexy. Some days are great for the stretchy pants and baggy T-Shirt, but getting into that habit everyday will certainly hamper your feelings of being sexy. Dressing sexy doesn't have to correlate with showing too much skin, some areas you may certainly want to cover at this stage. But experimenting with clothing on what looks best for your belly is truly the key.

5 Take Time to Relax

You are most likely much more tired than pre-pregnancy. Whether you are working, staying home with your other children or a combination, start managing your time now for some extra rest and relaxation. You will certainly need the time management once the baby arrives and your partner and/or children should start to get used to the fact that that new little bundle is going to need most of your time. 

Getting some extra rest while you're pregnant will absolutely help you feel a little more refreshed and help you feel as though you're getting the proper amount of beauty sleep for both you and baby. No woman is at her best when she is tired, and trying to look and feel your best while pregnant is already a challenge, so plan some extra time for yourself to rest. 

Relaxing and unwinding will most definitely help you feel batter about yourself

Your body is exerting much more energy growing that little miracle in your belly and allowing yourself some downtime will keep you less stressed and ready to put forth that extra little effort towards staying sexy and feeling good during pregnancy. Try not to take on too may projects or tasks at work. Staying occupied is good, but stressing too much and not getting adequate sleep is not. 

If you're currently expecting your first child, let me be clear by saying, get the sleep now while you still can!

4 Keep Up the Beauty Routine

It's true that some beauty routines may not be advised for the pregnant mom. Certain chemicals that the mother may come into contact with during certain beauty routines are able to cross the placenta to the growing baby. 

Some salon services for hair or nails may contain cancer-causing elements such as formaldehyde so it's very important to ask and read the contents of salon products before blindly subjecting yourself (or your baby) to harmful toxins. Fortunately, many salons are pushing more green products for the safety of their clients as well as staff and many are also able to offer maternity services to limit these risks. 

Most doctors don't keep their patients from getting their roots touched up or tell them to stop the manicures. In fact, getting a pedicure or a hair cut can not only be relaxing but can also give you just a little self confidence boost with looking your best. 

A little pampering is just what you need to feel sexy

Do make sure that the chemicals your technicians’ uses are safe and that you are in a well-ventilated area so you don't breathe in anything harmful. Even if you don't typically spend money on extra services, this might be a great time for you to plan a massage for the stress reducing benefits. Your body will likely  ache in places like never before and many massage therapists are trained and can offer maternity massages, usually safe after month 4 or so of pregnancy. 

Scheduling a hair cut or color can also help you feel your best. If you're feeling like you're getting into a rut, a new style may be just what you need to feel a little refreshed. Date night coming up? Blow dry bars are popping up everywhere and for as little as $30 at some locations you can enjoy a little TLC before going out with your hair done.

3 Stay Active

Living an active lifestyle has proven to be beneficial to overall physical as well as mental health. Working out not only can help tone and shape your body, but physical activity can release endorphins, which work as the bodies natural anti depressants, leading to decreased stress levels. What better time to be a little more health conscious than during pregnancy? Getting exercise is not only better for you, but it can also be better for baby too.

There are many options for fitness during pregnancy whether you're an avid yogi, gym rat or newly trying to get fit. Exercise is safe during most pregnancies and many doctors encourage it. Active mothers have been reported to have an easier time during delivery, which if you think about it can be a truly laborious task! 

There are many yoga studios that offer prenatal yoga that can help ease tension as well as keep your body flexible for when that growing baby starts to pull and stretch you in new directions. Running is safe as long as you don't try anything too out of the ordinary to begin with. Ideally, any physical activity that doesn't expose you to excessive heat or a heart rate over 140 can be a realistic goal to make part of your routine. 

It's never too late to get started on personal improvement

While pregnant keep in mind that your weight shifts and gravity may not be as kind as before, so be careful of a higher fall risk and be cautious on gym equipment. Pregnancy is not the time to sign up for your first marathon, but walking a mile or two at your own pace may be a good place to start. Exercise can also help keep you from packing on the pounds to quickly. 

Excessive weight gain in pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes or heart problems for baby. Look good and feel great this pregnancy, but start slowly and discuss exercise options with your doctor or midwife.

2 Be in Charge of Your Sex Life

Some women (and men) say that they're afraid that having sex while pregnant, especially late in pregnancy, can hurt the baby. When pregnant we may not feel especially sexual as the main objective of sex was already fulfilled, you got knocked up! 

However there are other benefits to sex then just making a baby. First, the sexual bond between you and your partner will need to take a break once baby is born, typically for 6 weeks post vaginal delivery, so get it while you can! Sex can also be a great stress relief as well as a way to release some natural feel good endorphins. 

Pregnancy can sometimes increase your sexual desire as blood flow increases to the uterus. Unless there are concerns of preterm labor, sex is considered safe during pregnancy. Orgasms may cause some cramping or contractions, but there are no indications that intercourse during pregnancy can lead to preterm labor. As always, it is best to follow the guidelines of your doctor.

There's nothing wrong with knocking the boots every now and then when you'r pregnant

Finding ways to cope with a growing belly can sometimes be a little challenging when you are trying to get it on, but try some other positions and start slowly. There's no reason to expect you or your partner to go without it for the entire time you're cooking that bun in the oven. Some days you may not be feeling so hot and sex may be the last thing a sleepy pregnant woman wants to think about and that is ok too. 

You can simply suggest an alternate time when you may not be so exhausted or after you get some more rest. Your sexuality may be a little different with the extra bump alongside the feelings going on inside your body, but it certainly doesn't have to end. So if you're feeling a little sexy, don’t be afraid to get at it!

1 Going on Dates

Going out with your significant other is another way you can help yourself to feel better about your pregnancy and your appearance. When you know you're going on a date you'll dress up and feel better about yourself, and seeing that your relationship hasn't changed and that your partner still finds you attractive will also increase your self confidence.

The last three months of your pregnancy might be hard to find your sexy, but if you make the effort to get out and get some quality time in with your husband, you'll feel much better about yourself. Also going out give you a purpose for dressing up and putting the effort into looking good. You might just shake off that third trimester slump and find your sexy again!

Don't worry, you'll be back to your sexy self before you know it

As long as you're trying to keep active and putting in the effort when and where you can, you'll find that you looked great during your pregnancy even if you didn't feel all that great the entire 9 months long.

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