Stephanie Ruhle Defends Amy Schumer For Returning To Work After Baby

Stephanie Ruhle shares that we should not be shaming Amy Schumer, we should be thanking her.

Amy Schumer gave birth to her beautiful son, Gene, about 3 weeks ago. We have loved watching her become a mom and she has continuously kept us smiling! When her son was only 14 days old Amy chose to go back to work. She did her first comedy show when he was two weeks old. She was immediately mom shamed for her decision to go back to work "so soon." Commenters decided to write on her Instagram about how she shouldn't be going back to work, one person wrote that she could "still smell her placenta," one commenter wrote, "at least let the stitches heal." Most of the comments were ridiculing her choice. One commenter even told her that she was "inhumane." All she did was stand up on a stage and tell a few jokes! Do people think she is a mountain climber for a living? Amy responded to her fans by saying, "I have always wanted to be mom-shamed."

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Stephanie Ruhle came out to defend the choice that Amy Schumer made to return to work only two weeks after giving birth to her son. Ruhle said that Amy was not a bad mom for returning to work, it actually makes her a better mother. We should not be ridiculing Schumer for all of her decisions, but we should be thanking her for being who she is.


After women deliver they have mesh underwear, stitches, their boobs are leaking every couple of hours and their hormones are going everywhere. Ruhle said that when she delivered her child she would hide in the closet in order to avoid having her husband see her hooked up to a piece of "farm equipment." She couldn't wear any pair of pants that didn't have an elastic band. Ruhle didn't want to be in any pictures, because she didn't want people to see the truth behind her struggles. A lot of women have the same thought process as Ruhle.

While most women are hiding the struggles of pregnancy and recovering from delivery, Amy is embracing it. She has been very truthful and honest from the very beginning of her pregnancy. She has been honest about throwing up for her entire pregnancy and she shared pictures of herself extremely sick in a hospital bed. Schumer has shown herself pumping while sitting in her mesh underwear. Her Instagram pictures are not filled with Schumer cuddling her baby with full makeup and a beautiful gown. Her posts are real. She is the most realistic celebrity and we need to be thanking her for showing the truth of motherhood.

Although many people were quick to shame and hate on Amy Schumer for her decision to return to work. We should be telling her how awesome she is for having the confidence to get back up on that stage. She didn't want to fully "get her body back" she is probably wearing those awesome mesh underwear still and right after the performance she probably hooked herself up to her "milk machine." She didn't let that stop her. She is a beast! Many moms shamed her, we should be praising her!

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