Stop Propping Up Your Baby's Bottle While They Drink

When mother's have babies they start trying to find ways to make their lives easier. Often mom's lean towards the popular list articles suggesting "mom hacks," because as mothers, we are just trying to work smarter and not harder.  Many mothers try to figure out ways to make diaper changing, feeding, and playing time easier! One very popular "mom hack" has been going around for years and that is bottle propping. Bottle propping is when a mother strategically props a a baby's bottle on a pillow, or blanket , so that mom can be "hands free." Mom can then walk away from the baby without having to sit there and wait for them to finish the bottle. Mom can then get things done while their child is happily eating.

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Although this may seem harmless and it can be very damaging to the baby. When a mother leaves her child unattended with a bottle their a chance that baby can start chocking and not be able to stop the milk flow. When a bottle is propped they run the risk of choking on the bottle without having help from mom (or dad) to relieve their passageway. When a a bottle is propped a baby is forced to drink quicker than they are able to and then they might not be able to keep up with the flow!

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Parent's are encouraged to never prop their baby's bottle in order to walk away from them. Mom and dad are advised to hold their child's bottle until their baby has the ability to maneuver their baby bottle for themselves. In the event that a parent has twins and must prop one of the bottles up, because they are trying to feeding multiple children, parents are still encouraged to supervise the baby while they are drinking.

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You babies will grow up so quickly! It may seem like they take "forever" to finish their bottle, or that they are taking "way too long" to finish eating. You may think that you have better things to do than sit there and wait for your child to complete their bottle. However, there is nothing more important than spending time with your little baby while they are still so young. They are only babies once. Take the time to spend holding that little one as they look up into your eyes. They will be able to feed themselves soon and you will be wishing that they needed you more!

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