All Photos Of Stormi Webster's Face Have Been Removed From Instagram

Kylie Jenner has taken down all Instagram photos that show the face of her 5-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster. The move is a bit of a surprise considering how public her life is. She's shared bikini photos, almost nudes, and many fun shots with friends. However, has she been very cautious with snaps of her only child.

We've been given a few glances of Stormi and her cute little face since her February birthday, but over the weekend all of those photos were gone. Jenner shared an all natural selfie of herself holding Stormi. She wasn't wearing any makeup and her freckles were front and center, but Stormi's face was almost totally cropped out. We only had a glance of her eyebrow and some of her thick hair. A fan questioned the change and called out Jenner for cutting Stormi out of the post.

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Jenner responded saying she would not be sharing any photos of her daughter at the moment. ETOnline noticed the sudden picture removals and shared the Instagram snaps of Stormi that still remained. None of these photos show her face, just glimpses of the child being strategically held or covered by her mother.

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The 20-year-old Jenner was uncharacteristically private throughout her whole pregnancy. She didn't even confirm she was pregnant until after Stormi was born. A few days later she shared an 11-minute long video documenting the pregnancy and what she had been hiding from the world for 9 months. Her need for privacy has become more apparent in the last year and a half. It must be hard to have absolutely everything exposed, for better or worse. The judgment out there is real too. Jenner has also been very secretive with her boyfriend, and Stormi's dad, Travis Scott. They don't post many photos together, and only just made their public couple debut at this year's Met Gala in May.

It's necessary for any mom to find a balance between social media and the lives of their children. For celebrities, they often fall victim to online bullying and threats that sometimes include their children. Kylie Jenner is a famous celebrity in one an incredibly famous family. Jenner must be protecting her daughter in one way or another, so who are we to judge?

What do you think of the sudden lack of Stormi photos? Do you agree with Kylie's choice as a mom? Let us know in the comments!


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