Storq Maternity Is Now Using Models Who Are Actually Pregnant Or Postpartum

It's no secret that a lot of maternity brands use models with fake bumps to advertise their clothes. Now, Storq has gotten rid of those models in favor of using real pregnant women and postpartum moms. Courtney Klein, the creator of the brand, wasn't a mom when she first started the business. At first, the aim was to deliver high-fashion looks to the maternity market, and the models they used reflected that.

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When they first launched back in 2014, Klein, along with creative director Grace Kapin, wanted their advertising campaign to reflect a high-brow look. They coupled their own pieces with designer brands like Celine, Alexander Wang, and Prada. Although they used a pregnant model for the shots, she was tall and willowy at 5'10". While the first campaign helped them build a name for themselves, the company recently decided to change their direction. Four years later and now both parents themselves, the pair realized that by trying to appeal to "cool moms", they were running the risk of alienating their ideal market.

Looking back at their advertising from a mom's perspective gave both Klien and Kapin food for thought. A total overhaul ensued, and now Storq is replacing the entirety of their photographs with images of real women who are either pregnant, postpartum, or nursing. They've also made their clothing range more size inclusive. While the products used to range from 2 to 16, they now go up to 22, with sizes 24 and 26 coming in the fall.

For the new look, they hired a female photographer who specialized in maternity images. Unlike the majority of other companies out there, they relied on natural light and refused to retouch the images in any way, shape or form. With a new website and size range that is more welcoming to mothers who may have mixed feelings about their changing body shapes, Storq is sure to make women everywhere feel good about themselves.

The new images are in stark contrast to those taken four years ago, proving that you can still be chic and realistic at the same time.

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