Stranger Gives Surprise Gift to Grieving Mother! Beautiful!!

Carpenter Gerald Kumpula bought an old crib as a fix up project but did not understand the journey that this crib would bring him on. The crib belonged to Valarie Watts, who sold it to Kumpula during her yard sale in Cokato, Minnesota.

Valarie, unfortunately, gave birth to her son who was still born so in time she decided to sell the furniture. When Kumpula first bought the crib he did not know about Valarie's son. Kumpula's wife inquired out of curiosity, before they left the garage sale, how old Valarie's son was now and she informed her of her son's passing. Humpula's wife told her husband once they arrived home. 

Once he found out, Kumpula knew exactly what to do with the crib. "We decided on our way home this bench was going back," he said. One week later, Kumpula returned with a bench in memory of Valarie's late son Noah! What a beautiful act of kindness from a total stranger

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