UPDATE: Stranger Pays Hospital Bill For British Couple Whose Baby Was Stuck In Dubai Hospital

A couple who feared they wouldn't be able to take their daughter home from hospital had had their medical bill settled by an anonymous stranger.

Giving birth can be a scary prospect at the best of times. If it happens to you while visiting a foreign country, thousands of miles from where you planned to give birth, that feeling of fear will understandably be magnified. Add to that the reason you didn't mind traveling so far away is due to the fact your baby wasn't due for months, it might feel as if you are living out your worst nightmare.

That's the exact situation that recently unfolded for Azhar and Syeda Saleem. The couple married in December of 2018 and a couple of months later, discovered they were expecting their first child together. After meeting in Syeda's native of Dubai, UAE, the couple planned to move and settle in Azhar's homeland of the UK before the baby arrived.

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Those plans went incredibly awry when Syeda was told during a routine checkup that her amniotic fluid was dangerously low. Three weeks after that appointment, the couple's baby had to be delivered, reports i. Baby Amal was born just 23 weeks into her mom's pregnancy and weighed less than one pound. That naturally meant she needed a lot of expensive and urgent care.

via Azhar Saleem

Although unable to go home yet, Azhar claimed he was told by the hospital caring for his daughter that she would not be released until her medical bills were settled. A staggering $123,000 medical bill, to be exact. Azhar set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the bills and was contacted by a mystery benefactor shortly after. Although initially thinking it was a joke, Azhar was contacted by the hospital who revealed the bill had been settled.

The generous savior, who wishes to remain anonymous, managed to negotiate the bill down to a little less than $68,000 and then proceeded to pay off the entire thing. Azhar said he and his wife are "gobsmacked", and they can now focus on their daughter getting healthy and taking her home. The $19,000 raised via GoFundMe will be returned to those who donated it.

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