Stranger Throws Away Pregnant Woman's Coffee Because She's 'Not Allowed' To Have Caffeine

An old woman throws away a pregnant woman's coffee and says that she is not allowed to have caffeine.

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A woman takes to Reddit after she had a really strange experience at her favorite coffee shop. The woman wanted to share the encounter because she was so confused and angry about what occurred. This pregnant woman shares that she loves coffee and her doctor told her that she could have one cup of coffee a day during her pregnancy. Every day the woman goes to her coffee shop and gets her one cup of coffee.

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One day the pregnant woman went into her favorite coffee shop and was waiting for her coffee. She says that she is 36 weeks pregnant and very noticeably huge. She is very large, uncomfortable, exhausted, and now she is angry. She waited patiently for her name to be called, so she could happily drink her drink. Her name was called and she approached the counter and reached for the drink. However, an older woman was not happy that this pregnant woman was drinking coffee.

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The older woman told the pregnant woman that she was "not allowed" to have the coffee. The pregnant woman grabbed the cup, but the stranger was not happy that she was still going to drink the coffee. The strange woman took the cup of coffee out of the pregnant woman's hands and threw it away! The barista was completely shocked and turned around to go remake the cup of coffee. While the barista was remaking the coffee the old woman started yelling at the pregnant woman saying that she couldn't have the coffee and it was going to harm the baby. The pregnant woman said, "I am allowed to drink one cup of coffee every day. My doctor even said it was okay!" The old woman was persistent and yelled at her even more. The pregnant woman said, "leave me alone!" The heated discussion finally came to an end.

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The pregnant Reddit user wanted to get support from other Reddit moms. Everybody took the pregnant woman's side and were furious with the stranger who thought she had the right to make decisions for this mom. Many women started recounting their similar experiences.  Moral of the story: mind your own business! It's her baby and her decisions!

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