Right Or Wrong: Stranger Who Touched A Mom's Baby Bump Uninvited Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

A mom-to-be recently retaliated to her belly being touched unannounced in a pretty unique way and the internet is split over whether it was the right thing to do.

Anyone reading this who is or has ever been pregnant knows all too well how much your body changes over the course of nine months. Most of the changes are unexpected and start to take hold long before they have any real right to. It really isn't simply a case of your belly getting bigger as baby grows. It is so much more.

If we were to list all the things that might happen to you while pregnant we could be here all day. One of the most unwelcome changes is the unpredictability of your mood. Not only are you carrying around extra weight, but growing a baby inside of you drives your hormones absolutely crazy. It's enough to make anyone pretty cranky from time to time.


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That's why you should do all that you can to stay on a pregnant woman's good side. One surefire way to not to do that is by rubbing or patting her belly unannounced. It's annoying if it is someone you know and downright upsetting when a stranger does it. An unnamed mom-to-be took to Reddit recently and told the story of what she did to a woman who dared to touch her pregnant belly uninvited in a grocery store.

"I placed my hand on the top of her boob until she pulled away pretty much instantly," the pregnant woman wrote. After doing so, she quickly left the store as to not cause even more of a scene. She explains that she didn't know the woman, the toucher did not ask or even introduce herself, and placed her hand at the bottom of her shirt so there was skin on skin contact. Not good.

Being on Reddit, the internet has been out in full force reacting to the woman's tale. While the majority think that she did the right thing, some believe that a simple telling off would have done the trick. Even her own mom believes that she went too far while her husband thinks she reacted appropriately. The conversation wound up getting a little heated so has since been removed from Reddit. However, you can read the pregnant woman's side of the story in full courtesy of CafeMom.


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