Mom Says Strangers Accuse Her Mixed-Race Baby Of Being ‘Switched At Birth’

Genetics are a funny thing and there’s no guarantee that kids will look like their parents. this mom is tired of strangers constantly questioning is her mixed-race baby is actually hers.

23-year old Ella Gayle is bi-racial. She has a Jamaican, Italian, and Irish background, and has dark hair, brown eyes, and a deep complexion. But the young mother was surprised when her son, Luca, was born with a head full of bright red hair. The 7-month old has fair features that stand in contrast to his mother’s, including light blue eyes and pale skin. Luca’s father, 29-year old Christian Henman, is Caucasian, but has dark brown hair, making  the baby’s ginger locks even more of a surprise.

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via the sun

The little one’s fair features are not only a shock to his parents, but also to strangers. Gayle told The Sun that she’s become used to getting stares from strangers. “You can see Luca's hair from a mile off when we're out and about and people often stare because the two of us look so different,” she explained. "Luca's dad has blue eyes like him, but other than that, there's not a huge amount of physical similarity between Luca and us.”

However, some people go so far as to make off-handed jokes that question if Luca is really Gayle’s or not. "People have jokingly asked if Luca was swapped at hospital and we were given the wrong baby but I had a home birth so that isn't actually possible,” she told the publication. "People are forever coming up to us when we're out to comment on Luca's amazing hair; it's mainly abroad when I get funny looks from people about the obvious difference in looks between us,” she added.

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via the sun

However, Gayle said that she doesn’t exactly hate the attention. "I don't mind people staring to be honest, I love to show Luca off!”

Gayle went on to explain that baby Luca’s red hair isn’t an anomaly; redheads actually run in her family. “I have two cousins with red hair, but that's the only immediate family both Christian and I have with red hair - other than that, there's no one!” she explained. She even added that her son’s good looks have earned him a modelling contract. Maybe we’ll be seeing him in a national advertising campaign soon!

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